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A. 30/20/10 car­dio in­ter­vals

Warm up for five min­utes. Do five min­utes at your reg­u­lar speed, then cy­cle through the fol­low­ing pat­tern for 10 min­utes: 30 sec­onds at easy to reg­u­lar speed, 20 sec­onds at a faster speed, and 10 sec­onds even faster. Cool down for five min­utes.

B. Ta­bata in­ter­vals

One cy­cle of Ta­bata is com­prised of eight sets al­ter­nat­ing 20 sec­onds of work with 10 sec­onds of rest. Break for one minute af­ter each cy­cle, then move on to your next ex­er­cise. A work­out should in­clude four to six ex­er­cises (pull-ups, burpees, and squats are a few ideas), plus a warm-up and cool-down.

C. Time-based strength sets

In­stead of work­ing to­wards a rep goal, fit as many reps as pos­si­ble into a set time frame. Af­ter a warm-up, spend 45 sec­onds do­ing squat jumps. Take 15 sec­onds rest. Re­peat that same 45-to-15-sec­ond ra­tio with four other ex­er­cises. Af­ter a one-minute break, re­peat the cy­cle twice more.

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