See when your drain and rinse wa­ter is clean.

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BLACK TANKS 1 First, it’s a good idea to pre-charge the tank with about 12 l (3 gal) of wa­ter with your rinser if you have one. Oth­er­wise, you can do it when adding the treat­ment. This ex­tra wa­ter will wet the bot­tom of the tank so the waste can spread out and start to break down in­stead of be­ing ex­posed to the air.

2 Fill your toi­let with ap­prox­i­mately 4 l (1 gal) of wa­ter, then sprin­kle & stir one scoop of Happy Campers and IM­ME­DI­ATELY flush. For hot cli­mates and tanks over 160 litres (40 gal), re­peat the above and then add 8 l (2 gal) of wa­ter. IM­POR­TANT: Never add more than one scoop to ap­prox­i­mately 4 l (1 gal) of wa­ter. Sim­ply adding more wa­ter will im­prove your tank func­tions.

3 CAU­TION: NEVER leave the black valve open. The liq­uid will drain away leav­ing you with a solid buildup in your tank that can be a costly re­pair job.

4 Keep the black tank valve closed un­til the tank is at least 2/3 full. (Dump­ing the tank when it is less than 2/3 full will not al­low the tank to empty prop­erly). Al­ways drain the tank with the sprayer if your RV has one. If not, you can use the tank wand de­signed for clean­ing and flush­ing the tank. 5 If your RV ends up with an odour after sit­ting a long time it’s likely a re­sult of lack of oxy­gen. Bac­te­ria like oxy­gen and after sit­ting still in the same spot for some time there isn’t enough shak­ing go­ing on to keep the oxy­gen dis­trib­uted though the hold­ing tanks. Re­sult: the bac­te­rial fel­lows are un­happy, leav­ing the job half done. It helps to flush more of­ten. If odours hap­pen: Fill up the tank, then dump it. Now nearly fill the tank, add at least a half a cup of bak­ing soda, and let the whole thing per­co­late for a cou­ple of days, dump the tank and add Happy Campers per in­struc­tions.

6 You don’t need to use RV tis­sue with Happy Campers. Some that are highly rated and rea­son­ably priced are Scott, Quilted North­ern and Angel Soft. Not con­vinced? Take a square of what you want to try or com­pare, put it in a glass with wa­ter and see how long it takes to break up. Tis­sue should dis­solve in five min­utes.

7 Porti Potti’s & Cas­settes: A sim­ple way that works. Take a salt­shaker or spice bot­tle, punch or drill about ten 3mm (1/8”) holes in the cap. Fill with Happy Campers. When us­ing the toi­let, sprin­kle the waste and flush. Re­cir­cu­lat­ing Toi­lets: us for help. If needed, con­tact

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