5 Top Tips to Freshen Up a Mo­torhome

Snowbirds & RV Travelers - - Contents - by Perry Mack

Just be­cause your mo­torhome is old, doesn’t mean it has to smell old. Whether you’ve re­cently pur­chased a new-to-you RV, or you’ve had yours for years, it’s prob­a­bly time to root the ‘old’ smell, not just cover it up with air fresh­ener.

1. Hunt down the mould. If you have any wa­ter leak­ing from the ex­te­rior, or from in­ter­nal plumb­ing you have to find the source and seal it. Mould doesn’t just pro­duce a bad odour; the spores can be down right deadly. Scrub down any signs of mould once it’s sealed. If you ig­nore that tiny drip, the mould will con­tinue you to come back. 2. Wash every­thing you can in a wash­ing ma­chine. This in­cludes cur­tains, drapes and cush­ion cov­ers.

3. Clean any blinds or have them cleaned. The ac­cu­mu­lated grime is a com­bi­na­tion of dead skin, cook­ing grease and smoke. Yuck!

4. Rent or buy a steam cleaner. Steam clean the car­pets and any fur­nish­ings that are fixed in place. The heat emul­si­fies grease and chem­i­cals and pulls it out. It will also kill dust mites in the fur­ni­ture with the heat. You can also use it on vinyl, lino- leum and hard­wood – just keep the head mov­ing so you don’t burn any­thing. Avoid any­thing made of wood or par­ti­cle­board like cab­i­netry. You can also use it to clean your oven, and a lit­tle scrub­bing will help. As un-Cana­dian as it sounds - in all ap­pli­ca­tions, read the in­struc­tion man­ual first.

5. Empty and clean your hold­ing tank. Drain­ing your hold­ing your tank is not clean­ing your hold­ing tank. My best re­sults (and eas­i­est) have come us­ing prod­ucts from Happy Cam­pers, but other en­zyme clean­ers work too.

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