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will soon have more choices for mo­bile ser­vice while they’re trav­el­ling, thanks to changes in cell phone un­lock­ing laws by the CRTC. Start­ing in De­cem­ber 2017, all newly pur­chased cell phones must be un­locked, and un­lock­ing fees for cur­rent de­vices have been banned. Th­ese new reg­u­la­tions give trav­ellers more free­dom to choose ser­vices out­side of their home car­ri­ers.

Prior to th­ese pol­icy changes, many trav­ellers opted for plans pro­vided by their home car­ri­ers out of con­ve­nience, but th­ese plans are of­ten far from the best op­tion, mainly since roam­ing as a snowbird is hugely ex­pen­sive.

A more at­trac­tive op­tion may be a lo­cal SIM card. At first glance this may seem like an af­ford­able and flex­i­ble op­tion for those Cana­di­ans spend­ing long stretches in the United States, but tak­ing a closer look re­veals some lim­i­ta­tions.

To start, trav­ellers need to find a lo­cal store at their des­ti­na­tion and spend time and money set­ting up the SIM and ser­vice. There may even be ex­tra fees re­lated to ac­ti­va­tion and net­work ac­cess, plus pos­si­ble over­age charges. Many lo­cal SIMs also re­quire cus­tomers to main­tain a min­i­mum bal­ance to keep the card and the ac­count ac­tive, mean­ing ex­tra year-round pay­ments. Plus, trav­ellers will be billed in the lo­cal cur­rency, so con­sid­er­ing the ex­change rate, the cost for a lo­cal SIM may be more than bud­geted.

An­other op­tion that has grown pop­u­lar is choos­ing a travel SIM card, like the USA Travel SIM from Roam Mo­bil­ity. With ser­vices like Roam, trav­ellers get the plan fea­tures they want in­clud­ing pre­paid plans and a lo­cal phone num­ber - at af­ford­able lo­cal rates. Plus, they can keep their SIM and phone num­ber for the next year, with­out any con­tracts or min­i­mum bal­ance re­quired. Trav­ellers are also able to ac­ti­vate their SIMs and sched­ule plans in Canada be­fore they travel.

Roam Mo­bil­ity also of­fers long-term plans for snow­birds and other trav­ellers spend­ing long pe­ri­ods of time south of the bor­der. Th­ese cus­tom­ized plans in­clude un­lim­ited na­tion­wide call­ing in the USA and back to Canada, un­lim­ited global tex­ting, un­lim­ited data, and more - all for some of the low­est prices in North Amer­ica. To learn more about Roam Mo­bil­ity and see how they com­pare to other Cana­dian roam­ing op­tions, visit roam­mo­bil­

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