Dial­y­sis ex­pan­sion at Cy­press Re­gional Hos­pi­tal mak­ing a dif­fer­ence for pa­tients

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There is cur­rently no wait­ing list of dial­y­sis pa­tients await­ing treat­ment in the South­west fol­low­ing the ex­pan­sion of hemodial­y­sis ser­vice at the Cy­press Re­gional Hos­pi­tal.

Pre­vi­ously lim­ited to a dozen pa­tients, each re­ceiv­ing three treat­ments a week, ad­di­tional op­er­a­tional fund­ing from the prov­ince has al­lowed the treat­ment space to ex­pand to 18 pa­tients and the dial­y­sis unit at the hos­pi­tal will even­tu­ally be pro­vid­ing 72 dial­y­sis treat­ments a week.

Dustin Dun­can, Min­is­ter of Health says the ex­pan­sion was needed for the Cy­press Health Re­gion.

“Through the health re­gion, as well as the lo­cal MLA, Pre­mier Wall had heard from a num­ber of peo­ple that they wanted to see the ser­vice be­ing ex­panded here at the Cy­press Re­gional Hos­pi­tal to be able to pro­vide the ser­vice closer to home for many peo­ple that were hav­ing to travel quite some dis­tance sev­eral times a week to re­ceive the ser­vice. We’ve been work­ing re­ally hard with the re­gion to see how we could ex­pand the ser­vice. The re­gion has done a great job in al­lo­cat­ing the ex­ist­ing space here, and adding the ad­di­tional half days to be able to pro­vide the ser­vice to ad­di­tional peo­ple here who live within the Cy­press Health Re­gion,” Dun­can said dur­ing a visit to the hos­pi­tal on Dec. 5.

“Keep­ing in mind the par­tic­u­lar chal­lenges around try­ing to de­liver health care to peo­ple in ru­ral Saskatchewan, the more that we can do to bring that ser­vice closer to home for them ob­vi­ously speaks to a bet­ter pa­tient ex­pe­ri­ence, and as well, re­ally puts the pa­tient in mind in terms of some of the hard­ships that may be pre­sented to a pa­tient when the ser­vices aren’t nec­es­sar­ily close to home.”

Den­nis Roosen has been re­ceiv­ing hemodial­y­sis treat­ment since he had open-heart surgery in Au­gust, and he says the ex­pan­sion is very help­ful from a pa­tient stand­point.

“Well, it’s re­ally good, be­cause I had to rely on my son and my daugh­ter, and my wife, she drove too, but they all work so it was kind of tough there for a while. We fi­nally got through it, and now we’re over here three days a week. It’s good that I don’t have to go back and forth to Regina. It’s been handy that way.”

Karen Wiens, Pro­gram Man­ager of the Re­nal Dial­y­sis and Chemo­ther­apy unit, noted that the ex­panded hemodial­y­sis unit has been fully op­er­a­tional for over a month now.

“Af­ter the an­nounce- ment of the ex­pan­sion in June, that is when our plan started to come to­gether. The goal was to have the ex­pan­sion by the end of 2013. Oc­to­ber 22nd was the first day of our in­creased ser­vices,” Wiens ex­plained. “Prior to that, we were open Mon­day, Wed­nes­day, and Fri­day full days. What the ex­pan­sion con­sists of, is now we are open and staffed six days a week. Tues­days, Thurs­days, and Satur­days are half days. To­day we are treat­ing 18 pa­tients, and that is our max­i­mum that we can do right now. We are al­ways look­ing at our wait lists and an­a­lyz­ing our wait lists, and right now we don’t have any­body on the list.”

“If it comes to a point where we rec­og­nize that there is an in­creased need, we could po­ten­tially in­crease those Tues­days, Thurs­days, and Satur­days to full days, and that would give us the op­por­tu­nity to of­fer treat­ment to 24 pa­tients.”

Wiens said that an in­crease in the use of the treat­ment is to be ex­pected.

“I think the trend is show­ing the in­crease. I think that will be some­thing we need to keep in the back of our minds, that there is al­ways go­ing to be an in­creased need for th­ese kinds of ser­vices, es­pe­cially in the ru­ral com­mu­ni­ties.”

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