A once dark and win­dow­less bath­room is washed away in favour of a lux­ury en­suite lath­ered up with lots of mar­ble, natural light and a beloved bath­tub.


A once dark and win­dow­less bath­room is washed away in favour of a lux­ury en­suite

T he im­pe­tus for this un­de­ni­ably el­e­gant mas­ter bath­room, rem­i­nis­cent of a lux­u­ri­ous Euro­pean ho­tel suite, was more hum­ble than you might think. “I just wanted a bath­tub,” says home­owner Dayna Ar­ron.

When Dayna and her hus­band, Jonathan Be­har, moved into their Toronto home nine years ago, they fo­cused on re­design­ing the main liv­ing ar­eas to suit the needs of their young fam­ily. When it fi­nally came time to redo one of the cou­ple’s spa­ces, Dayna pulled out all the stops, start­ing with hir­ing de­sign­ers In­grid Oomen and Vanessa Kwan of Qum­mu­ni­cate.

The first thing In­grid and Vanessa did was re­jig the floor plan. “The bed­room had a small en­suite and a large walk-in closet that had more space than the cou­ple needed,” says In­grid. So the bath­room be­came the closet, and the walk-in be­came the 11-by-11-foot set­ting for a dream bath – a smart, splurge-wor­thy switch. “Mov­ing the plumb­ing and adding the win­dow were ex­pen­sive en­deav­ours,” Dayna ad­mits, “but the room needed natural light.”

That light now bathes a clas­si­cally in­spired space en­livened by ju­di­ciously cho­sen con­tem­po­rary el­e­ments. “I’m drawn to the jux­ta­po­si­tion of old and new,” says In­grid. “While the floor tiles and the wall pan­elling are tra­di­tional, the pen­dant light and sculp­tural bath­tub are sharply modern.” It’s a mix Dayna also loves. “The clas­sic features are bal­anced with a slight edgi­ness that gives the room en­ergy,” she says. “In fact, the con­tem­po­rary pen­dant light in front of the win­dow is al­most as com­pelling as the tub. Al­most.”

LEFT “Since this is a shared en­suite, I used a dark grey van­ity to in­tro­duce a mas­cu­line el­e­ment,” says In­grid. “It ties in with the checker­board floor tiles.” She bal­ances this ef­fect with a fem­i­nine fin­ish­ing touch of sparkly crys­tal knobs. Chrome...

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