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You’re drone-mad, T3! What’s so spe­cial about this one? We know, but this one is spe­cial – and will ap­peal mas­sively to out­doors and ad­ven­ture types. You see, the Lily drone is au­ton­o­mous, mean­ing you don’t need to go any­where near a con­troller to cap­ture sweep­ing cin­e­matic shots and ac­tion footage, and can in­stead fo­cus on rid­ing/ski­ing/run­ning like a boss. In other words, it’s pretty neat.

Au­ton­o­mous, you say?

Yep. Switch Lily on, stick the light­weight track­ing de­vice in your pocket or back­pack, and throw the drone in the air. Lily’s pro­pel­lers will en­gage and the drone will hover in place over land or water un­til you’re ready to move. Once you’re off, the sta­bilised cam­era can cap­ture 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps for those slick slow-mo shots. Lily can travel at up to 25mph to a dis­tance of 30 me­tres away from, and 15 me­tres above you. When you’re done, it’ll come back to you at the touch of a but­ton.

Surely, gad­gets and water don’t mix?

They do here: Lily will hap­pily take off from water, and is wa­ter­proofed to a depth of one me­tre. You even get a wa­ter­proof tracker hous­ing in the box. It’s per­fect for when you’re en­gag­ing in wa­ter­sports like white-water raft­ing, surf­ing or, um, pool­side cock­tail-sip­ping.

Can I con­trol the cam­era an­gles?

Yes. You can work it so that Lily flies in front, be­hind or ei­ther side of you, per­forms a 360-de­gree loop around you, or flies up and away from who­ever has the tracker. All of the set­tings can be changed from within the com­pan­ion app, too (avail­able for An­droid and iOS).

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