How can I ski like a tech bad boy?

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To be hon­est, Gad­get Guru is usu­ally more of an après-ski man, who likes noth­ing bet­ter than to set­tle into a hot tub while swig­ging egg-nog and im­per­son­at­ing Demis Rous­sos.

How­ever, he’s lately been hit­ting the slopes big-time, wear­ing Ros­sig­nol’s PIQ sen­sor (€149/£100, This lit­tle fella slips into your boot and tracks things like edge-to-edge speed, G-force, carv­ing an­gle/air time, ro­ta­tion and more. Then, when you’re back at the lodge, down­ing a flam­ing sam­buca and tuck­ing into fon­due, you can pe­ruse your per­for­mance and chal­lenge friends to beat your air time, turn­ing ex­cel­lence and, er, other ski­ing-re­lated stuff. As noted, GaGu is more of an aprés guy.

The key thing here is your PIQ score. Rather like the Jaw­bone and MyZone on the pre­vi­ous page, this lets you prove ex­actly who is the King of the Black Run, us­ing a num­ber. Pow! Pow!

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