Fol­low our step-by-step in­struc­tions be­low to get the most from the Dyson Link app and Dyson Link de­vices

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The first thing to do is grab the Dyson Link app from the App Store or Google Play. Be­fore you set up your Dyson de­vice, it’s a good idea to check out the demo videos – they’ll give you an idea of how the Pure Cool Link fans and 360 Eye work. You can also see how the app works with­out con­nect­ing to a de­vice.


Go back into the Dyson Link app and you’ll see that the Pure Cool Link is now set­ting up. Once that’s com­pleted, you’ll be con­nected to your net­work. On the next screen that ap­pears, name your de­vice. If you only have one Dyson de­vice it doesn’t mat­ter so much, but if you have a fan in mul­ti­ple rooms, for ex­am­ple, it’s es­sen­tial.


Let’s take the Pure Cool Link fan as an ex­am­ple. First of all, go into the Dyson Link app and hit the + but­ton top-right. Hit Start on the screen that ap­pears. The Link app will scan for ma­chines nearby and, in this ex­am­ple case, the Pure Cool Link will ap­pear in the app. Hit the Pu­ri­fier but­ton to move to the next step.


From the Dyson Link app you can now control the speed, ro­ta­tion and sched­ule of your fan. Hit the re­mote but­ton, bot­tom-right, to turn it on/off and control speed. Swipe up and hit Sched­ule to pro­gram when it’ll au­to­mat­i­cally come on and shut off. You can view the air qual­ity by tap­ping the graph but­ton, bot­tom-left.

set up wi-fi

On the next screen, con­firm that the app has found your net­work (keep in mind that it’ll need to be 2.4GHz) and en­ter your Wi-Fi pass­word. Then exit the app, go to the Wi-Fi set­tings on your phone and choose the Dyson Wi-Fi net­work when it ap­pears. En­ter the pass­word lo­cated on the side of your de­vice.

OTHER set­tings

Dive into the Set­tings of your de­vice by swip­ing down from the de­vice’s screen in the app and hit­ting the Set­tings but­ton. Un­der Gen­eral you can re­name your fan, and un­der Air Qual­ity Tar­get you can set a pref­er­ence de­pend­ing on your spe­cific al­ler­gies. You can also pro­gram the fan to col­lect data in standby mode.

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