Lou Board 3.0

T3 - - Preview - $990 (£766), louboard.com

Come on, T3, my skat­ing days ended years ago.

Hold your horses, hom­bre – we’re not sug­gest­ing you dust off the old el­bow pads and go shred your lo­cal skate park. No, the silent Lou Board elec­tric short­board, fit­ted with mo­torised wheels is de­signed for high-tech com­mut­ing and week­end cruis­ing.

That sounds dan­ger­ous. Go on…

There are three mod­els in the range: the polyurethane-decked Lou Board 1.0 (£347) and car­bon fi­bre Lou Board 2.0 (£ 610) boast punchy sin­gle mo­tors and a 28kph top speed, but it’s the 3.0 that’s got us itch­ing to ride – silent dual mo­tors and a 35v 2Ah bat­tery dish out 3kw of rider-pro­pel­ling power.

Does this thing have an app?

You know it. The Lou Board’s com­pan­ion app lim­its speed for new­bies, trou­bleshoots tech­ni­cal is­sues and can mon­i­tor cur­rent speed and bat­tery tem­per­a­ture with a tap of your smart­phone.

How far will I be able to travel on a full charge?

With the Lou Board 3.0. you can cover a 25km round trip at 35kph af­ter a two-hour charge. Head­ing up­hill? The brawny board will shoot up those 20-de­gree in­clines, no sweat. And don’t worry about the bat­tery run­ning out mid-route – Lou works as a reg­u­lar skate­board, too, so a drained bat­tery doesn’t mean game over. You’ll just need to use your legs like the old days.

Okay, let’s ride!

You’ll need a Lou Board first, and they’re avail­able to pre-or­der now.

Slip and slide Each Lou Board has an IP 54 wa­ter re­sis­tance rat­ing so you can keep rid­ing even if the heav­ens open, and the board’s re­gen­er­a­tive brak­ing sys­tem will work hard in the dry or wet Get a grip In­ter­change­able deck plates en­able you to...

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