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Log­itech’s epic re­mote uni­fies your me­dle y of ele ctri­cals and smart home gadge ts

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Uni­ver­sal re­motes aren’t par­tic­u­larly new or sexy. Sure, they en­able you to use one re­mote to con­trol your en­ter­tain­ment gear, but Log­itech’s Har­mony Elite re­mote takes things a huge step fur­ther. Not only does it cor­ral de­vices like your TV, Blu-ray player, Xbox, and any other elec­tri­cals you might have in your lounge, it also ties to­gether your smart home gad­gets too, en­abling you to con­trol them from the very same re­mote.

In­cluded in the box is the Har­mony Hub: a de­vice which con­nects to your Wi-Fi and gives the re­mote ac­cess to your con­nected gad­gets. So, as well as turn­ing on your hi-fi, you can use the re­mote to light up your home cour­tesy of your Philips Hue smart lights, start a favourite playlist via your Sonos sys­tem, or turn up your Nest ther­mo­stat when things start to get a lit­tle chilly. Pretty neat, huh?

But where Log­itech’s su­per-re­mote gets re­ally nifty is when you start us­ing its built-in touch screen and the Har­mony Ac­tiv­i­ties. With a sin­gle tap of the screen you can per­form mul­ti­ple tasks at once. So, for in­stance, you could pro­gramme a ‘movie night’ ac­tion that, when ac­ti­vated, turns on your TV, dims your lights to and sends the kids off to bed (oh, if only!).

Much of what can be achieved us­ing the re­mote can also be done on your phone too, thanks to the com­pan­ion app. The bonus of us­ing your mo­bile de­vice is that you can con­trol your elec­tri­cals from afar. Much like ex­ist­ing smart home tech, you can also sched­ule de­vices or ac­tiv­i­ties to start and end at spe­cific times. Or, you can put down the phone and re­mote al­to­gether and sim­ply ask Echo to do your home’s bid­ding in­stead. Turn on the TV, Alexa!

When­ever you want to make changes, it’s easy to pro­gramme the re­mote and ad­just set­tings via the app. Any changes are beamed wire­lessly to the Har­mony Hub and then syn­chro­nised with the re­mote so that it’s up-to-date and ready to use within sec­onds.

The Har­mony Elite costs £299 and comes with the re­mote, Har­mony Hub, two IR blasters and a charg­ing sta­tion for the re­mote.

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