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In your hands lies the power of whole home con­trol, so let’s show you how to get to grips with it

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con­nect up

Be­fore you get started, grab your phone and in­stall the Har­mony app, then choose ‘Setup new hub’. Now con­nect the hub to your mains power and wait for about 30 sec­onds. Once this time is up, the red LED at the front should be blink­ing. If not, press the re­set but­ton on the back to get it work­ing.

add dev ices

Any de­vices found will ap­pear in the app, but if not, or you want to add one at a later date, just tap the ‘Home Con­trol’ op­tion to add them. To add reg­u­lar elec­tri­cals, choose ‘En­ter­tain­ment de­vices’ and man­u­ally add the make and model of the de­vice. Once a de­vice is added, Har­mony will power it on and test it works.

pair the hub

Pro­vided Blue­tooth is turned on and your phone is con­nected to your Wi-Fi net­work, the Har­mony app should au­to­mat­i­cally lo­cate the Har­mony hub and pair it with your phone. Once it does so, en­ter your Wi-Fi net­work pass­word to con­nect the hub to it. Now log in to an ex­ist­ing Log­itech ac­count or cre­ate a new one.

new ac­tiv­i­ties

The Har­mony app will au­to­mat­i­cally cre­ate ac­tiv­i­ties based on the de­vices you’ve added, but if not then you can cre­ate new ones us­ing the stepby-step across the page. To se­lect be­tween de­vices or Ac­tiv­i­ties us­ing the Elite, tap the re­spec­tive tab un­der­neath the screen and tap the de­vice or ac­tiv­ity on screen.

set up the re­mote

Once you’ve logged in, Har­mony will ask you whether you want to im­port the set­tings from an old Har­mony re­mote (if you have one) or con­tinue set­ting up the Elite afresh by se­lect­ing ‘No, set up a new one’. In the next screen Har­mony will au­to­mat­i­cally add any de­vices it finds on the Wi-Fi net­work.

sche dule the m

If you want Ac­tiv­i­ties to kick in au­to­mat­i­cally with­out you hav­ing to lift a fin­ger, cre­ate a sched­ule for each one. Go to the app and in the menu, se­lect Har­mony Setup > Add/Edit de­vices & ac­tiv­i­ties > Ac­tiv­i­ties. Se­lect the Ac­tiv­ity, tap Sched­ule, turn it on and choose what day to run, and a start and end time.

“If you want to get the ul­ti­mate con­trol over every sin­gle one of the en­ter­tain­ment de­vices and smart home gad­gets in your home, there re­ally isn’t a bet­ter way to do so than the Har­mony Elite.” Nick Odantzis, deputy ed­i­tor

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