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Make quick ed­its for awe­some shots on the move

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If you’re vis­it­ing some­where beau­ti­ful, shar­ing so­cial snaps as quickly as you can is just the right thing to do. But every per­fect vista and cityscape is in­evitably blighted by some flaw or an­other; an elec­tri­cal ca­ble here, an over­flow­ing rub­bish bin there. Wait­ing to get home in or­der to clean these snaps us­ing the likes of Pho­to­shop de­feats the ob­ject

some­what – and that’s where TouchRe­touch comes in.

Us­ing it is sim­ple. Grab TouchRe­touch’s ob­ject re­moval brush and paint over the of­fend­ing item in your shot to mark it. Tap Go, and (if your back­ground suits) the ob­ject will be mag­i­cally re­moved. Elec­tri­cal ca­bles and wires can be taken care of with a flick; mark part of the line, and TouchRe­touch will find the rest. And if its au­to­matic tools don’t work, you can fall back on the built-in clone stamp tool to erase them man­u­ally. There’s also a blem­ish re­mover for cor­rect­ing dust or slight lens im­per­fec­tions. All this with­out once leav­ing your de­vice.

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