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T3 - - Issue 273 / October 2017 -

Matt Bolton

Ed­i­tor As the owner of an age­ing iMac, Matt’s been most in­ter­ested in the Sur­face Stu­dio (p102) this is­sue. At least, un­til he dropped the Sur­face Dial on it, and we took it away from him.

Jo Gul­liver

Sen ior Art ed­i­tor Jo got some new ges­ture­con­trolled head­phones, so now ev­ery­one’s dis­tracted by the oc­ca­sional flail­ing arm dur­ing the day. But they sound good, so she says this is firmly “your prob­lem.”

An­drew West­brook

Ope rat ions ed­i­tor Andy’s been pulled in by our 4K HDR pro­jec­tors State of the Art test (p92). He also works for our pals on To­tal

Film, so has tried to make the case for ex­pens­ing one. It’s not go­ing very well.

Nick Odantzis

DEPUTY Ed­i­tor Nick spent a week on our epic chal­lenge of mak­ing it from Land’s End to John O’Groats (p76) in an elec­tric car, then another week re­cov­er­ing from eat­ing that many road­side café sarnies.

Michelle McLaren

ART ed­i­tor Michelle ran our photo shoots for the 101 Gad­gets fea­ture, which has meant a lot of heavy lifting. She has re­quested we fea­ture some kind of fork­lift in all sim­i­lar fu­ture lists.

Dan Grab­ham

Ed­i­tor, We had our judg­ing day for the T3 Awards this month (p86), which Dan bravely led, try­ing to wran­gle the con­flict­ing opin­ions of nine tech journos into a co­her­ent whole. No mean feat…

Claire Davies

Ass oci­ate Ed­i­tor Claire’s epic chal­lenge of her own this is­sue was putting to­gether our 101 Gad­gets You Can’t Live With­out list (p46). How epic? Her orig­i­nal long-list had nearly 400 prod­ucts on it…

Kim­ber­ley Bal­lard

Prod­uct ion ed­i­tor Kim­ber­ley’s been lov­ing the PS4 re­make of Crash Bandi­coot. If we’re bring­ing back stuff from that era, she’d also like more Buffy, Em­pire Records and Jagged Lit­tle Pill, thanks.

Dun­can Bell

Life­style Ed­i­tor, Dun­can’s been pre­par­ing for a trip to the 158,000m2 IFA tech show in Berlin by ramp­ing up his fit­ness and learn­ing the com­pound Ger­man word for ‘I haven’t seen sun­light in two days.’

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