set up a switch

Your new plug can do many great things, so let’s find out how to get it up and run­ning

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get the app

Plug in the switch, then get the Wemo app on your phone. Once it’s in­stalled, make sure Wi-Fi is en­abled, and then head to your Set­tings. Look for the network WeMo.In­sight fol­lowed by three numbers that match those on the back of the plug in your list of wire­less net­works. Then just tap on the name to con­nect to it.

new rules

You can make your new plug even smarter by set­ting up some sim­ple rules. Tap the Rules tab at the bot­tom of the screen and hit the + icon at the top of the screen. In here, you can choose a va­ri­ety of Rules, such as a time sched­ule, an Au­tooff Timer or you can set it to work on mo­tion us­ing a Wemo Sen­sor.

Check de­vices

Now go to the app and check that the Remember Wi-Fi Set­tings op­tion is ticked. This will make it eas­ier when you come to in­stalling more Belkin plugs, as you can skip the first step each time. Tap Next and en­ter the pass­word for your Wi-Fi to al­low the plug to con­nect to it. Tap save and it’ll now ap­pear in de­vices.

sched­ule de­vices

The eas­i­est way to au­to­mate your de­vices is to se­lect the Sched­ule op­tion. Then choose the plug, se­lect whether to turn it on or off, at what time and on which days of the week (use the sun­set/ sun­rise tog­gle if it’s lights you’re con­trol­ling). Then tap Done, give the rule a new name and hit the Save but­ton.

turn it on

When you want to power a switch on, sim­ply tap the power but­ton next to it, and when you need to turn it off, just tap it again. Your plug will have a de­fault name and pic out of the box, so if you plan to in­stall lots of plugs you’ll want to per­son­alise them. Just hit the pen­cil icon at the top and tap the plug to edit it.

en­ergy insi ghts

To find out what the elec­tri­cal (or elec­tri­cals!) at­tached to your plug are cost­ing you, head to De­vices and tap on the name of the plug to re­veal a drop-down info box show­ing you all the plug’s many and sor­did en­ergy de­tails. To ad­just the unit mea­sure­ment, go into the edit menu, and tap the cost to ad­just.

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