Sony LF-S50G

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Let me guess... It’s an­other smart speaker, right?

We know there’s a few around right now, but the LF-S50G is worth your time. You see, Sony’s new voice-con­trolled smart speaker fea­tures built-in Google As­sis­tant and is de­signed to cre­ate 360° sound, us­ing a feast of au­dio tech to do so.

Mmm, I love a good au­dio tech feast.

Then you’ll love what’s go­ing on un­der the hood of the LF-S50G. There’s a down­ward woofer, an up­ward tweeter and a 360° ver­ti­cal two-way­fac­ing speaker sys­tem that, cou­pled with an om­ni­di­rec­tional two-stage dif­fuser, spreads sound out in all di­rec­tions of the room.

Nice, so what does it sound like?

Sony’s fit­ted the LF-S50G with a full-range speaker to ac­cu­rately re­pro­duce vo­cal and tre­ble notes, plus a sub­woofer to han­dle bass. The speaker’s aim­ing for a nat­u­ral bassy sound, so you can ex­pect it to sound pretty damn good. Au­to­mated vol­ume con­trol adapts to noise in the room, re­gard­less of how noisy the en­vi­ron­ment. The best bit? The LF-S50G uses ges­ture con­trol.

What? So I can pre­tend to be Obi-Wan when I’m con­trol­ling my mu­sic?

Full force! Wave your hand over the top of the speaker to con­trol vol­ume and play­back. You can also con­tinue the hands-free fun by ut­ter­ing those magic words: “Okay, Google”. Wor­ried about Google eaves­drop­ping on your pri­vate time? Just press the mic mute but­ton. There’s also a Blue­tooth 4.2 pair­ing but­ton the rear of the speaker, and it has NFC ca­pa­bil­ity.

I’m in! When can I buy this speaker?

The Sony LF-S50G goes on sale this Novem­ber.

Smart home hub Built-in Blue­tooth 4.2 tech en­ables you to lis­ten to your favourite mu­sic, au­dio­books and more from a range of smart de­vices. One-touch NFC pair­ing makes con­nect­ing easy. You can also turn the Sony LF-S50G into a smart home hub,...

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