All this N. Korean out­rage is a lit­tle hyp­o­crit­i­cal

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Ed­i­tor: Let’s be very clear. I do not sup­port North Korea and its bru­tal to­tal­i­tar­ian regime. Democ­racy rules and Canada is a lead­ing ex­am­ple of how to do it right in our tur­bu­lent, di­vi­sive world.

That said, the United States and Rus­sia con­tinue with their nu­clear weapon hypocrisy. Both have nu­clear weapons ca­pa­ble of de­stroy­ing the earth many times over. If the first salvo doesn’t de­stroy mankind, 10 more should do it. The col­lat­eral dam­age will be ra­dioac­tive pol­lu­tion ev­ery­where. Non­nu­clear coun­tries will not be spared.

So why is North Korea such a nu­clear threat? At best, it could at­tack the United States with a nu­clear ar­se­nal less than 0.1 per cent of theirs. Any at­tack by North Korea would mean the an­ni­hi­la­tion of their regime and they know this.

China and Rus­sia would be loathe to come to their de­fence and much more amenable to regime change, a wel­come re­lief.

The real threat — the U.S. and Rus­sia have a scary track record for avoid­ing con­flict with other coun­tries and each other. Ten­sions are now height­ened through­out the world un­der Trump, Putin and other un­bal­anced world lead­ers. Di­plo­macy has given way to reck­less pos­tur­ing by those with the big­gest nu­clear guns. Who will make the first mis­take?

Added to this threat is the fact that their nu­clear weaponry is ag­ing. U.S. Ti­tan mis­siles are over 50 years old and de­com­mis­sioned Rus­sian nu­clear subs are left to de­cay in Arc­tic waters.

U.S. pos­tur­ing and com­pli­ance by oth­ers at the United Na­tions re­gard­ing North Korean trade sanc­tions ex­poses this nu­clear hypocrisy. If you have the big­gest nu­clear guns, you can de­mo­nize those that don’t have as many and those that want them.

To right this sit­u­a­tion, per­haps all non­nu­clear na­tions should im­pose trade sanc­tions against nu­clear coun­tries in ac­cor­dance with their weaponry. High­est sanc­tions would be im­posed against na­tions with the high­est level of nu­clear weaponry.

Steve Burke, West Kelowna

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