Why the big deal over Hal­loween?

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Hal­loween in Canada is no longer about trick or treat­ing, bob­bing for ap­ples and try­ing to outdo the other kids with a re­ally cool cos­tume.

It’s now about para noia, po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness, and par­ents try­ing to over-man­age their chil­dren.

Times are chang­ing. Years ago, it must have been harder to of­fend peo­ple. To­day, many cos­tumes are con­sid­ered taste­less and in­sen­si­tive.

In the good old days, candy wasn’t con­sid­ered evil. It was, in fact, a treat for many kids. Any el­e­men­tary school teacher can tell you the kids would show up to school for the next sev­eral days on a sugar buzz.

In the years of the baby boom, when houses were mostly oc­cu­pied by young fam­i­lies, it was great to go door-to-door in the neigh­bour­hood. It wasn’t un­com­mon for a home owner to go through sev­eral bowls of candy on Oct. 31.

Hand­ing out candy to chil­dren was fun, see­ing what they were wear­ing, say­ing hello to the young Moms and Dads who tagged along in the back­ground to as­sure their kids were okay.

Who doesn’t have an old Po­laroid shot or grainy home movie of at least one of their Hal­loweens dur­ing child­hood?

In the old days there was the para­noia of ra­zor­blades in ap­ples. This year, the warn­ings are about candy laced with fen­tanyl. (It it has a witch on the la­bel ... throw it out!)

A hand­ful of school boards across Canada told their stu­dents not to come dressed up for Hal­loween.

What a great ad­ver­tise­ment for home school­ing. There has to be greater prob­lems fac­ing the ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem than chil­dren show­ing up dressed as Buzz Lightyear or Princess Elsa of Aren­delle. Get a grip ed­u­ca­tors — it’s one day a year.

In­stead of look­ing at what’s bad about Hal­loween, let’s look at what’s good.

Candy, dress­ing up, spooky movies, bob­bing for ap­ples, pump­kin carv­ing, the Michael Jack­son Thriller video, The Simp­son’s Hal­loween Spe­cial, roast­ing pump­kin seeds... it’s all great fun.

Hal­loween also forces kids to be cre­ative and orig­i­nal whether it’s carv­ing a pump­kin or de­cid­ing what to wear.

Depend­ing on what day of the week Hal­loween falls on, Oct. 31 can be one of the best bar and party nights of the year... with adults.

Adults like to have fun. Maybe Hal­loween re­minds us of when we were chil­dren. For many of us, Hal­loween was a close sec­ond to Christ­mas for ex­cite­ment and an­tic­i­pa­tion.

To put an end to this tra­di­tional rit­ual would be rob­bing chil­dren of a big part of their child­hood. Let’s hope it never comes to that. Quick, some­body cue The Mon­ster Mash.

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