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Dear Ed­i­tor: We sure are liv­ing in tough times but in or­der to change the world for the much bet­ter, we re­ally need to start mak­ing dras­tic changes, town to town and city to city.

Let’s start right here in Kelowna which next year marks my ten-year an­niver­sary re­sid­ing in such a tough city to fig­ure out. I know it very well now and as I run three busi­nesses here, all hands on such as Neat Freak garage and closet or­ga­niz­ing.

A very high percentage of nonso­cia­ble peo­ple live here and as well there is such a high crime rate for a city this size. Lots of gang ac­tiv­ity present and with al­low­able tol­er­ance to con­tinue that ac­tiv­ity and much lesser penal­ties that should have been im­ple­mented years and years ago, be­fore the Ba­con mur­der right in front of the Grand in broad day­light.

There is a lot of poor work ethic here too as I find it very dif­fi­cult to find any good solid helpers who re­ally like to work and not just sit around com­plain­ing in “poor me” fash­ion that they have zero money but yet just want to sit around smok­ing dope, etc. And there is a ton of drugs here, please know.

Just on Oct. 25, I had a helper show up an hour late and then in his ut­ter wis­dom, not show to help un­load the truck at a new ad­dress, leav­ing me and my other helper to fend for our­selves with a very heavy pi­ano strapped up. Never heard back, no ex­pla­na­tion, no sorry, noth­ing! One of many sto­ries to share for sure like not one but two no-shows on Satur­day so I helped a cus­tomer just my­self. If any­thing, I am a story ma­chine based on bad luck and meet­ing many self­ish and id­i­otic peo­ple.

Ev­ery­one is so con­sumed by their cell phones th­ese days. Re­ally, it’s pa­thetic. Ev­ery­one is look­ing down, down, down. They can not even stand in line at a gro­cery store for a mere 1-4 min­utes with­out hav­ing to con­stantly be look­ing down at their cell. And I am not talk­ing about just teenagers ei­ther. Look up for Pete’s sake!

Maybe some­one is send­ing a smile your way, a real smile, not just a fake Emoji one! The world is a big place out there ...take a look at it every now and then.

On the way back from Ve­gas to the Kelowna air­port more re­cently, (I was there dur­ing those com­pletely aw­ful shoot­ings), pretty much 90 per cent of all pas­sen­gers were just look­ing down the en­tire flight, ex­cept to get up and use the wash­room. No look­ing out win­dow, no en­gag­ing in real con­ver­sa­tion, no read­ing the WestJet mag­a­zine or a Province news­pa­per... just on their cells and tablets. I am very thank­ful to be in that 10 per cent bracket of not need­ing to be do­ing that 24/7.

And lastly, why do most women in Kelowna have a huge guard up? Just over a year ago my heart was very bro­ken by some­one I re­ally loved and cared about and I’ll tell you that yes I tried to get right back on the sad­dle to try and find some­one else and wow it is a tough bat­tle to find a re­place­ment for how I once felt.

If any­one should be re­served it should be me but I am not at all. To be so­cia­ble and hold the door open for oth­ers and just be friendly is the way ev­ery­one should try and be. Yes? Then the world’s im­prove­ment would start right here in Kelowna, wouldn’t it?

Be nice, be fun, work hard, ap­pre­ci­ate oth­ers and look up! I do not think that is so very hard to do. Noel Preen Kelowna

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