Dr. Dolit­tle in P.E.I.

On­tario woman on a cross-Canada tour claims she com­mu­ni­cates with an­i­mals tele­path­i­cally

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Claudia Hehr claims she can com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals tele­path­i­cally

Claudia Hehr con­sid­ers her­self to be a mod­ern day Dr. Dolit­tle.

The On­tario res­i­dent says she can talk to an­i­mals, and they can talk to her.

She’s on a cross-Canada tour, giv­ing free pre­sen­ta­tions and meet­ing one-on-one with any­one who reaches out to her. That tour in­cludes Char­lot­te­town.

“I com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals through telepa­thy and trans­late mes­sages into words for peo­ple to hear,’’ Hehr told The Guardian on Thurs­day.

“I com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals through telepa­thy and trans­late mes­sages into words for peo­ple to hear.” Claudia Hehr

Hehr ac­knowl­edges how crazy it sounds but she’s quick to add that peo­ple have been quick to dis­miss truths through­out hu­man history.

“Peo­ple used to be­lieve the earth was flat. Now they know it’s not but they be­lieved it (at one time).’’

Hehr ex­plains that she de­vel­oped a spe­cial bond with an­i­mals dur­ing a rather un­happy child­hood grow­ing up in Ger­many.

Both her par­ents were al­co­holics. Learn­ing how to read their dif­fer­ent moods was es­sen­tial to her daily ex­is­tence.

“I had to know how to act to sur­vive,’’ she said.

It was then she de­vel­oped a spe­cial bond with an­i­mals. They of­fered her an es­cape. Then she saw the Ed­die Mur­phy movie Dr. Dolit­tle. “I knew then this was what I wanted to do. I took an in­tro­duc­tory telepa­thy course (in New York) and here I am.’’

She trav­els with five dogs and three cats in a mo­tor home, all res­cued from bad homes, Hehr said. To save money and make sure her pets are well fed, she camps out in su­per­mar­ket park­ing lots and drives slow to con­serve fuel.

Hehr said trav­el­ling across the coun­try is a dream she’s been want­ing to fol­low for years. Her goal is to raise aware­ness about how peo­ple can “talk’’ with an­i­mals.

“I gave up my apart­ment and all my pos­ses­sions,’’ Hehr said. “I al­ways have good food for my an­i­mals. This tour isn’t about mak­ing money; it’s about spread­ing the word about an­i­mals.’’

Hehr said ev­ery­one has the abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals.

“It’s a uni­ver­sal lan­guage but I call it a soul-to-soul con­nec­tion. Most peo­ple are not aware of it and have to be taught to use it. I want to change the par­a­digm that ex­ists around an­i­mals. It’s time to wake up and see an­i­mals as equals. There’s way more (to them) than what we be­lieve.’’

For more in­for­ma­tion, go to Hehr’s web­site at www.clau­di­a­hehr.com. She’s also on Face­book. Just search for Claudia Hehr’s Voice of the An­i­mals.


Claudia Hehr is on a cross-Canada tour with her furry friends to raise aware­ness about com­mu­ni­cat­ing with an­i­mals. She took her five dogs and three cats with her on the jour­ney. Her cats were nap­ping and de­clined to pose for The Guardian pho­tog­ra­pher but her ca­nine bud­dies were more than happy. From left, are Chai, Ma­iara, Ra, Ka­nen and Nizhoni.

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