Leave bully neigh­bours be­hind

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- For 20-plus years I’ve rented an of­fice space that shares com­mon hall­way/re­strooms with other ten­ants on that floor.

A five-year ten­ant has been hos­tile to­ward me and another con­struc­tion com­pany for the last two years.

They’re un­happy that our slum land­lord keeps the hall­ways/re­strooms dimly lit and cleaned only spo­rad­i­cally, etc.

The other is­sue is that I have one cat that lives in my of­fice and so does one of the other ten­ants.

We’ve had these cats for 12 years, and be­fore that, another cat for eight years.

The ten­ant has called the vil­lage author­i­ties and com­plained, re­sult­ing in a no­tice re­quir­ing us to re­lo­cate the cats.

There’s noth­ing pets in the of­fice laws.

But the vil­lage of­fi­cial said that spe­cific about in the zon­ing since we’re not a shel­ter, it’s not al­lowed.

These neigh­bours have made my life hell.

They make rude noises when I’m in the bath­room, pour wa­ter on the cat, and leave out­side doors open so that bugs come in.

They yell and scream at us be­cause we aren’t “nice” to them (they didn’t get in­vited to my wed­ding) and leave bad re­views of our com­pa­nies on so­cial media.

Talk­ing only re­sults in them scream­ing at me. They’re try­ing (un­suc­cess­fully so far) to get me evicted.

There’s no other place to move the cats, other than to a shel­ter.

Other than move, what should I do about these bully neigh­bours? Cat-Lover

- You could go to the po­lice and ac­cuse them with ha­rass­ment, but that can be­come a costly, time­con­sum­ing le­gal bat­tle if it goes to court.

It’ll also make your life a worse night­mare of stress be­cause these peo­ple don’t hold back.

You haven’t said why can’t live in your home.

If pos­si­ble, that would be the sim­plest so­lu­tion.

But my own lean­ing would be to move, de­spite the in­con­ve­nience.

Re­mov­ing the cat to a shel­ter won’t make these bul­lies nicer peo­ple. It’ll just give them more power. Leav­ing them to the ne­glect­ful slum land­lord seems sweeter jus­tice to me… and pro­vides you with the chance for a new lo­cale, bet­ter con­di­tions, nicer neigh­bours… and, per­haps, a hap­pier at­mos­phere for the cat, too.



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