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Olympic gold medal­list Heather Moyse does voice-over work for a Cana­dian an­i­mated film

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As a lit­tle girl watch­ing Dis­ney movies, Heather Moyse loved to sing along.

Do­ing voices for car­toons, she thought, would be a fun job — then and now.

The two-time Olympic gold medal­list in bobsled had the op­por­tu­nity re­cently to ful­fill her car­toon dream when she was asked to lend her voice for a char­ac­ter in “The Ad­ven­tures of Shadow and Ally,” an an­i­mated chil­dren’s film.

It all came about when writer Brenda White­hall con­tacted Moyse for con­sult­ing pur­poses.

One of the ad­ven­tures the two cats, Shadow and Ally, go on is find­ing them­selves in a run­away sled in the mid­dle of a bobsled race on Whistler Moun­tain.

Af­ter giv­ing some de­tails about the track and how to do it in the most re­al­is­tic way, White­hall told her it would be great if she would do a voice-over in the movie.

“I said it had al­ways been on my bucket list to voice-over for a car­toon, and I would love to do it.”

Moyse recorded her scenes at the Grant Av­enue Stu­dio in Hamil­ton, Ont.

“In­stead of me do­ing a voiceover for a ran­dom char­ac­ter, they ac­tu­ally turned the char­ac­ter into me. I am the sports broad­caster. It was al­most harder to be as an­i­mated as you have to be for a car­toon and still be your­self.”

“The Ad­ven­tures of Shadow and Ally” is set to be re­leased in the­atres in De­cem­ber 2016.

“There are ed­u­ca­tional com­po­nents in the film for young kids. They’re dis­cussing dif­fer­ent types of fam­ily units. The two cats have two moms, so their own­ers are two women. They also en­counter some bul­ly­ing from al­ley cats.

“Part of it is ad­dress­ing bul­ly­ing and dif­fer­ent fam­ily units, and just be­cause you have a dif­fer­ent fam­ily unit, the love that’s within that fam­ily doesn’t make it no more or no less than other fam­i­lies.”

Moyse is happy to be part of the film, and said she en­joyed do­ing the voice-over work.

“I was ner­vous do­ing it in front of peo­ple who do voiceovers for a liv­ing. They were so great and sup­port­ive. By the end I wished I had another char­ac­ter so I could throw out dif­fer­ent voices.”

If given the op­por­tu­nity, she would love to voice-over a char­ac­ter for another film.

“It was just so fun. It was an amaz­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.”


Two-time Olympic gold medal­list Heather Moyse does some voice-over work at the Grant Av­enue Stu­dio in Hamil­ton, Ont. Moyse is lend­ing her voice for the Cana­dian an­i­mated film, “The Ad­ven­tures of Shadow and Ally,” and will be play­ing her­self as one of the char­ac­ters.

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