No thank you to wage jump

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

The only one to ben­e­fit from an $11 an hour wage on P.E.I. is the fi­nance min­is­ter. If my bosses were to tell me they would give me a dol­lar per hour raise I would say “thanks but no thanks.” If you put more money in our hands each week we would spend it. The bills that now are left drag­ging might be paid on time but at the end of the year we would be won­der­ing where we would get the money to send back to the “govern­ment”. Be­cause any in­crease is noth­ing but an ex­tra tax, plus eleven dol­lars per hour will cost each busi­ness on P.E.I. seven­teen dol­lars by the time they put in their share of the de­duc­tions. So if a busi­ness has 10 work­ers they have to bring in one hun­dred and seventy dol­lars just to keep their staff and the ba­sic ex­emp­tion is still $7.35 per hour. Dur­ing the elec­tion cam­paign both par­ties promised they would in­crease the ba­sic ex­emp­tion by 20 per cent, but since the elec­tion we haven’t heard a word about it, Pat Binns was premier the last time it was in­creased. So any in­crease in wages will only cause more prob­lems for busi­ness and any­one work­ing for a liv­ing on P.E.I. Un­less the ba­sic ex­emp­tion is in­creased. We are the high­est taxed prov­ince in Canada. It is quite dis­cour­ag­ing when more money makes it harder to sur­vive. It isn’t that we do not have enough money to sur­vive. It is a fact that we are not left enough of it for what we make. Last week I put one hun­dred dol­lars worth of fuel in my truck and al­most forty dol­lars of it was tax. Glen MacDon­ald, Grand­view

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