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The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL -

I was ap­palled to see the en­tire front page of the De­cem­ber 18, Guardian, com­pletely cov­ered by a colour pic­ture of Star Wars. I can­not re­call such an in­sult to news­pa­per read­ers. Ba­si­cally, a full-page ad for Dis­ney (which doesn’t need the money) pro­vided free-of charge by the Guardian.

A full front-page should be re­served for the Se­cond Com­ing, Ar­maged­don or the be­gin­ning of World War Three. Who is in charge in the new ‘Ivory Tower’? Is this news, as in ‘news­pa­per’? Usual rou­tine, I be­lieve, for many Is­lan­ders — front page — check; let­ters to the editor — check; obituaries — check. Read the rest later.

Where is the news? All we have is coffee-shop ru­mours. Who made a for­tune on the PNP? How? Name the names. Whose idea was the ‘global e-gam­bling’ fi­asco — why wasn’t this cash given to char­ity in­stead? How come there are so many ve­hi­cles with ei­ther blind­ing or no day­time run­ning lights?

What hap­pened to Trooper, the cat of many sto­ries and let­ters — the one who had his lit­tle well, you know, frozen in the snow? How many peo­ple live in the hos­pi­tal be­cause there is no room for them in nurs­ing homes — how much does this cost the tax­pay­ers?

Who are all th­ese guest colum­nists? Why is the obit­u­ary page full of sto­ries of peo­ple no one re­mem­bers — for­mer NFL greats/coaches/wa­ter boys? Wife of fa­mous writer who stabbed her with a pen? And on and on...

I’d rather read Women’s’ In­sti­tute new or bridge re­sults from Dun­staffnage than this ‘filler.’

If the Guardian can’t do bet­ter than it’s do­ing, it should change its slo­gan to ‘ Cov­ers the Is­land Like dog­gie-doo’.

We want news from a news­pa­per. Is that too much to ask? Gary Walker Char­lot­te­town

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