Three cats be­come a crowd in one-bed­room apart­ment

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DEAR ABBY: My girl­friend and I live to­gether. We adopted a cat off the street. A few months later, the cat be­came preg­nant and had four kit­tens. We ended up keep­ing two, and now we have three cats in a one-bed­room apart­ment.

I’ve tried be­ing OK with it, but it’s mak­ing me stressed and un­happy. The lit­ter box must be con­stantly cleaned; they get into our food and pee on our fur­ni­ture.

I’ve tried talk­ing to my girl­friend about putting one or two of them up for adop­tion, but ev­ery time I raise the is­sue, she gets mad and dares me to get rid of them. I don’t want her to re­sent me, but I also don’t like liv­ing in the cir­cum­stances I’m liv­ing in. Please help. – SUR­ROUNDED BY CATS

DEAR SUR­ROUNDED: You and your girl­friend ap­pear to be ir­re­spon­si­ble pet own­ers. I hope you re­al­ize that if the stray cat you adopted had been spayed, this could have been avoided.

The lit­ter box should be cleaned reg­u­larly and, be­cause the cats be­long to both of you, the re­spon­si­bil­ity should be shared. If the cats uri­nate on the fur­ni­ture, it should be dis­cussed with a ve­teri­nar­ian rather than dis­pos­ing of them.

That said, you are not mar­ried to this woman. If you’re not happy un­der the cur­rent con­di­tions, per­haps it’s time to con­sider mov­ing.

DEAR ABBY: I re­ally need your help. I’m 13 and I know I’m a lit­tle young, but there’s a boy I have known for a while. We used to text all the time, and then we got into a fight. We both said rude things, and then af­ter a while he started talk­ing to me again and act­ing like he didn’t care. In fact, he told me that. Then we stopped talk­ing again and he blocked me on In­sta­gram.

Well, this school year he came to my school, and he’s very pop­u­lar. He stares at me ev­ery day when we pass each other and once he said hi to me.

What I’m con­fused about is why does he keep un­block­ing me and block­ing me on so­cial me­dia?

Why is he do­ing ev­ery­thing he’s done? I hope you can help. – BLOCKED IN MIS­SOURI

DEAR BLOCKED: The first time he blocked you, he prob­a­bly did it to pun­ish you for hav­ing hurt his feel­ings dur­ing the fight. Now he may be do­ing it to get a rise out of you, or be­cause for some rea­son he doesn’t want you to be able to see what he’s say­ing and do­ing.

The op­po­site of love isn’t hate; it’s in­dif­fer­ence. Be­cause he stares at you in the hall­way, I sus­pect he still likes you. Don’t chase him – just be pa­tient and let this play out be­cause it could be in­ter­est­ing.

DEAR ABBY: My niece got mar­ried and some of the gifts got sep­a­rated from the gift cards. In­di­vid­ual cards were found apart from the gifts. So how do you thank the in­di­vid­u­als who left gifts with­out know­ing the gift they gave? – UN­SURE IN THE WEST

DEAR UN­SURE: While it is prefer­able to men­tion the gift when thank­ing the giver, no rule states that you HAVE to do so. Your niece should start by writ­ing thank-you notes for the gifts that have cards with them, and for those few (I HOPE few) that don’t, the givers should be told how mean­ing­ful it was to have them present on the spe­cial day, and thanked for their gen­eros­ity. Pe­riod.

PS. A help­ful hint to any­one send­ing a wed­ding or shower gift: Note on the gift card what has been sent (waf­fle iron, baby blan­ket, etc.).

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