Real truths can’t change

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL - Mau­reen Good­ick, Corn­wall

Real truths, in­clud­ing the sun ris­ing in the east and set­ting in the west, the earth be­ing round, and hu­man life be­gin­ning at con­cep­tion, can­not be changed by com­mit­tees, boards, en­quiries or gov­ern­ments.

Sci­en­tists know that at con­cep­tion, nu­mer­ous hered­i­tary char­ac­ter­is­tics of pre­born ba­bies are al­ready de­ter­mined: eye, hair and skin colour, face and body shape, the sex, and cer­tain per­son­al­ity and in­tel­li­gence qual­i­ties.

Many preg­nan­cies are not de­tected un­til six weeks af­ter con­cep­tion. By then the baby's heart has been beat­ing for as long as two weeks and brain waves can be read, as the ner­vous sys­tem has been com­plete for about two weeks. This new life should con­sist of pro­gres­sive stages of growth and de­vel­op­ment from con­cep­tion, through birth, child­hood, ado­les­cence, adult­hood, old age and death.

Some moth­ers, greatly dis­tressed by an un­planned preg­nancy, are afraid they will lose boyfriends, hus­bands, (to be fair – some fa­thers are not given a say), par­ents or friends, or that they won't be able to fin­ish their education, get a job they want, etc. Rather than hand them the phone num­ber to get an abor­tion in Monc­ton or Hal­i­fax, or set up abor­tion­ists on our Is­land, could we not lis­ten to, love and sup­port them through their preg­nan­cies? Are there pro­grams or shel­ters avail­able to them? Does any­one tell them the truth - that med­i­cal tech­nol­ogy gives a clear pic­ture of the baby in the womb re­act­ing to pain in the same way a child would? Do they know that abor­tion, whether by suc­tion curet­tage, salt­ing out, or a prostaglandin so­lu­tion re­sults in ag­o­niz­ing pain and a vi­o­lent death for their baby? I doubt it. Women de­serve the truth. All life is pre­cious – theirs in­cluded. There is a bet­ter way - let's be it.

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