Aliens won’t pay car­bon tax

The Guardian (Charlottetown) - - EDITORIAL - Ju­dith L. Bez­eredi, Char­lot­te­town

Hav­ing been born with lim­ited in­tel­li­gence, I find it im­pos­si­ble to fig­ure out: how “car­bon tax” will make im­prove­ments in our en­vi­ron­ment. Would it not be smarter to leg­is­late: 1. all new build­ing must have so­lar pan­els, 2. build bet­ter in­su­lated build­ings, 3. turn to the en­gi­neer­ing brains we have in our so­ci­ety to come up with a regime of max­i­miz­ing tem­per­a­ture re­ten­tion in our build­ings, 4. turn to elec­tri­cal equip­ment man­u­fac­tur­ers to max­i­mize the use­ful en­ergy use by their equip­ment, 5. stop pro­duc­ing en­ergy guz­zler, use­less doohick­eys.

How­ever, I can see the car­bon tax as a re­new­able cash cow for fu­ture gov­ern­ments. They will not have to give a blue print for use of en­ergy, just pun­ish the users, with­out hav­ing to ex­plain how to stop what they are not do­ing right! What an idea! We are guilty, but no one will tell us, how to cor­rect our mis­deeds...What if we leg­is­late that only those may fly who have an emer­gency? – No, this will not work, as the travel in­dus­try will stop fund­ing politi­cians’ cam­paigns. What if we leg­is­late how many hours of en­ergy can the pop­u­la­tion use? No, that will not work ei­ther, the en­ergy in­dus­try will stop fund­ing politi­cians’ cam­paigns and the pop­u­la­tion may rise up!

I think, I have it. Leg­is­late vol­ca­noes to stop spew­ing pol­lu­tants, as one lit­tle ex­plo­sion throws more pol­lu­tants in the at­mos­phere than all the cars.

Noth­ing is given or fi­nite in our ex­is­tence. We worry about air pol­lu­tion and none of us are build­ing up a de­fence against a comet com­ing from space, or is se­ri­ous about study­ing the ex­is­tence of other life out side of earth. If they are any­thing like us, they will elim­i­nate us. Who will pay the car­bon tax then?

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