What are GMOs re­ally about?

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GMOs are sold to the public as be­ing re­quired to some­how in­crease food pro­duc­tion for a starv­ing world. This is the cor­po­rate line.

But what the GMO “in­dus­try” is re­ally about is cor­po­rate con­trol of the world’s food sup­ply. It works like this. You some­how im­prove some plant or an­i­mal by ge­net­i­cally cre­at­ing a new species that didn’t ex­ist be­fore.

And now the cor­po­ra­tion owns this new species be­cause they cre­ated it and patented it. Wow.

If they find out that some­how you have their ge­net­ics in your pos­ses­sion, you’ve stolen it and they can sue you.

The only prob­lem is once these mu­tated species get out into

na­ture there’s no way to con­trol where they go.

So in Mex­ico strains of her­itage corn that have been grown for cen­turies now test pos­i­tive for Mon­santo’s ge­net­ics. This is in corn that was over 1,000 miles from U.S. com­mer­cial GMO corn crops.

Be­cause the ge­net­ics are owned by Mon­santo they can now sue you.

And in case you think that this is some ab­stract con­cept, one of Mon­santo’s big­gest ac­tiv­i­ties is su­ing farm­ers for steal­ing their ge­net­ics — even if Mon­santo’s ge­net­ics some­how made it into your corn with­out your per­mis­sion.

So you ei­ther pay Mon­santo for their ge­net­ics or a gi­ant cor­po­ra­tion will take you to court.

What’s this got to do with the beau­ti­ful prov­ince of P.E.I.? You’ve got GMO salmon be­ing pro­duced here. Where do you think this is go­ing?

Al­lan Finney,

Wey­burn, Sask.

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