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I’m now Sir Rick. It only cost me $90.85.

Thank three pairs of socks. “Rick,” Beau­ti­ful Wife called from her home of­fice. I was work­ing on some chicken wings. I pre­tended I hadn’t heard her. It works oc­ca­sion­ally.

“Rick.” Clearly it wasn’t go­ing to work this time. “Did you spend $90.85 on some­thing on ama­zon. ca?”

That thumb-drive sized an­tenna for my GPS watch? Yes, but that was only $20. Two books about fa­mous le­gal cases in the United States? They were $8 each.

“No,” I said with a hint of how­could-you-think-such-a-thing in my an­swer.

BW stepped out of her home of­fice and into the kitchen.

“Well, there’s a charge on our credit card for $90.85 and I have no idea what’s it’s for. All it says is ama­zon.ca and some­thing called pribc.”

“No idea,” I an­swered, long­ing to put the chicken wings out of their mis­ery.

“Well, some­one is go­ing to have to call the credit card com­pany and find out what’s go­ing on.”

I knew what that meant. I called the 1-800 num­ber and was re­minded how im­por­tant my call was to them. Min­utes later a vaguely hu­man, fe­male voice came on the line. She banged my credit card num­ber into her com­puter and an­swered my query briskly.

No one had hacked the card, some­thing that had hap­pened a few years ago. (I hope they en­joyed the $200-plus in tick­ets to Marineland in On­tario they

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