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RE: Could Trump mak­ing Obama’s speech (July 7)

The writer of praise for Obama’s speech to the Cana­dian Par­lia­ment, June 29, 2016, has let her blind ad­mi­ra­tion of him (and dis­like of Trump) get in the way of truth and fact. It has been shown over the years that Obama can­not make a speech with­out us­ing teleprompters and in fact has great dif­fi­culty while mak­ing speeches un­aided (off the cuff ?). I re­spect­fully sug­gest to her to Google Obama’s speech to Par­lia­ment and view the CBC.ca video among oth­ers. His teleprompters are there for all to see. One in front of our Speaker of the House and the other in front of the arch to the right.

Af­ter view­ing that video I again sug­gest she watch Obama mak­ing a speech with­out the aid of a teleprompter. Ei­ther go to www.the­gate­way­pun­dit.com or just Google Obama’s stut­ter­ing speech.

I would add that al­most all of Trump’s speeches are “off the cuff ” but he does use teleprompters at times.

Charles Evans, Hamil­ton

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