Mazda an­nounces Sky­ac­tivVe­hi­cle Dy­nam­ics.

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Mazda an­nounced Sky­ac­tiv-Ve­hi­cle Dy­nam­ics, a se­ries of new-gen­er­a­tion ve­hi­cle mo­tion con­trol tech­nolo­gies.

G-Vec­tor­ing Con­trol, will be in­tro­duced across Mazda’s en­tire model range. 5IF lSTU /PSUI "NFSJDBO BQQMJDBUJPO XJMM

come later this year in the 2017 Mazda6.

Part of the Sky­ac­tiv Tech­nol­ogy suite, Sky­ac­tiv-Ve­hi­cle Dy­nam­ics pro­vide in­te­grated con­trol of the en­gine, transmission, chas­sis and body to en­hance the car’s Jinba It­tai feel - the sense of con­nect­ed­ness be­tween car and driver that dis­tin­guishes Mazda ve­hi­cles. 5IF lSTU UFDIOPMPHZ JO UIF 4LZBDUJW 7FIJDMF Dy­nam­ics se­ries, G-Vec­tor­ing Con­trol (GVC) was born of Mazda’s hu­man-cen­tered de­vel­op­ment phi­los­o­phy, im­ple­ment­ing the idea of us­ing the en­gine to en­hance chas­sis per­for­mance. *U T UIF XPSME T lSTU DPOUSPM TZTUFN UP WBSZ

en­gine torque in re­sponse to steer­ing in­puts in or­der to pro­vide in­te­grated con­trol of lat­eral and lon­gi­tu­di­nal ac­cel­er­a­tion forces. 0QUJNJ[JOH UIF MPBE PO FBDI UJSF SFEVDFT UIF

need for steer­ing cor­rec­tions.

The out­stand­ing trac­tion the sys­tem pro­vides makes driv­ing more fun. In ad­di­tion, (7$ TJHOJlDBOUMZ JNQSPWFT IBOEMJOH BOE TUB­bil­ity on wet, snowy and un­paved roads.

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