Home makeover projects that may un­know­ingly de­value your home

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Gen­er­ally speak­ing, when you spend money on your home, you’re adding value to it. The costs of fin­ish­ing your base­ment, re­plac­ing your fur­nace and win­dows or adding a deck will most likely be re­couped when it comes time to sell. But there are some ren­o­va­tions or home “im­prove­ments” that may ac­tu­ally de­value your home. Steer clear of th­ese mis­takes! it” when it comes to build­ing a bar in your base­ment, rewiring your home or in­stalling hard­wood floor­ing. Some things are just bet­ter left to the ex­perts.

Let’s face it. Here in Canada we are lucky to get two solid months of op­ti­mum back­yard swim­ming time. The ma­jor­ity of buy­ers see a pool as a nui­sance and money pit, par­tic­u­larly above ground pools. Some cou­ples with ba­bies or young chil­dren won’t even con­sider a home with a pool for safety rea­sons.

Maybe you’re tired of mow­ing or deal­ing with dan­de­lions. Maybe you just love the English gar­den look. What­ever the rea­son, if you de­cide to re­move the grass on your front yard and re­place it with in­tri­cate rows of plants, trees, bushes and peren­ni­als, or add in an as­sort­ment of gnomes, stat­ues or plas­tic fences, you may ac­tu­ally be low­er­ing your prop­erty value. Keep in mind that this type of gar­den re­quires ma­jor up­keep to pre­vent it from look­ing clut­tered or messy. It’s not some­thing that all home­own­ers are will­ing to take on.

There are some beau­ti­ful ad­di­tions out there that add value to homes, but there are also some pretty bad ones. An ad­di­tion that isn’t well de­signed or ex­e­cuted can end up look­ing out of place. Adding square footage to your home or a sec­ond storey is a com­pli­cated en­deavor that should only be tack­led with the guid­ance of an ar­chi­tect and ex­pe­ri­enced con­trac­tor. You should also keep in mind that an ad­di­tion will raise your prop­erty taxes and pos­si­bly your util­ity bills.

When it comes to spend­ing your hard­earned money on your home, opt for projects that are guar­an­teed to add value! (RMM)

Ev­ery­one loves sav­ing money. But un­less you have ex­pe­ri­ence in home ren­o­va­tion, is it re­ally the best idea to use your home - your great­est in­vest­ment - as a guinea pig? It’s never a good idea to “wing

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