Cook­ies and candy for Valen­tine’s Day

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The key to a re­ally good valen­tine is mak­ing it per­sonal.

And a sure­fire way to en­sure that it is uniquely per­sonal is to make it by hand. Hand­made and heart­felt — that’s the killer combo for a fan­tas­tic valen­tine.

Trou­ble is, hand­made usu­ally means lots of time and tons of work. And if it’s not time con­sum­ing, it often times is ex­pen­sive, but not with this project.

So put your credit card away, grab a few craft sup­plies and you are well on your way to a su­per valen­tine.

Did I men­tion that it’s not a card? Why not think in­side the box and cre­ate a heart-shaped con­tainer that you can fill with hand­made or store-bought candy or — my per­sonal favourite — ren­o­vated for­tune cook­ies?

Mak­ing your own heart candy is as easy as melt­ing choco­late in the mi­crowave, pour­ing it into heartshaped sil­i­cone ice cube trays and pop­ping the hearts out of the moulds once they have cooled for about an hour in the fridge.

Cus­tom for­tune cook­ies are even eas­ier. Sim­ply buy the cook­ies, by the dozen, from any Chi­nese food restau­rant, re­move the for­tunes with tweez­ers and re­place them with per­sonal for­tunes writ­ten (or com­puter printed) on red or pink paper.

Slip the new for­tunes back into the cook­ies and for even more cus­tomiza­tion, dip half of each cookie in melted choco­late and hang them over the lip of a glass to dry. When your valen­tine breaks open a cookie and reads your per­sonal mes­sage (X-rated, silly or ro­man­tic ... it’s up to you) you will surely have left a last­ing im­pres­sion.

Now that you have candy and cook­ies cov­ered, it’s time to think about a con­tainer to hold them.

Cut two match­ing hearts from card stock, em­bel­lish one side of each heart with pat­terned paper and cut a two-inch wide, long strip of card­stock to hold the hearts to­gether.

Ev­ery inch, cut a shal­low V along the length of both sides of the long, nar­row strip.

Fold the strip length­wise with a ruler placed at the tip of each V, ap­ply ad­he­sive to the tabs on the top and bot­tom of the strip and at­tach a dec­o­rated heart to the tabs, re­sult­ing in a heart shaped con­tainer that is just wait­ing to be filled with any num­ber of per­son­al­ized, tiny treats.


Why not think in­side the box and cre­ate a heart-shaped con­tainer that you can fill with hand­made or store-bought candy or (my per­sonal favourite) ren­o­vated for­tune cook­ies?

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