10 ways to get more pro­tein in your diet


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In a busy world, it’s tough to eat right all the time.

When you are try­ing to change your body, how­ever, it is es­sen­tial that you make some shifts in your nu­tri­tion to get bet­ter at burn­ing fat and build­ing lean mus­cle. One of these shifts is to de­crease the amount of pro­cessed car­bo­hy­drates and in­crease the amount of lean pro­tein you con­sume. When you do this, your body will cre­ate a hor­monal en­vi­ron­ment where it will store fat less ef­fec­tively and will burn it for en­ergy with greater ef­fi­ciency.

I was con­sult­ing with a client last week who has com­mit­ted to mak­ing some diet changes this year. Her mo­ti­va­tion is to get back the en­ergy that she’s lost over the years to a desk job. She’s done great so far, but, has been amazed at how much of her diet is made up of car­bo­hy­drates de­spite her ef­forts to min­i­mize them.

Here are 10 ways that she, and you, can add pro­tein to your diet with­out adding any ex­tra work.

1. Bring a shaker bot­tle to work with whey pro­tein in it. When it’s “feed­ing time,” add wa­ter or al­mond milk, shake and en­joy 20 to 30 grams of high-qual­ity pro­tein.

2. Top a salad with chick­peas in­stead of crou­tons or add chick­peas to any wrap that you might be en­joy­ing. One cup con­tains about 15 grams of pro­tein.

3. Por­tion out ½ cup serv­ings of mixed nuts into seven snack bag­gies. Do this once for the whole week and bring one to work with you daily for a high pro­tein snack with some good, healthy fats.

4. If you have a fridge at work or can bring a cooler bag, wrap left­over chicken breast in a mini whole­wheat tor­tilla with some baby spinach, toma­toes and honey mus­tard. This is per­fect for a snack on the go in­stead of grab­bing a cof­fee shop muf­fin. To fur­ther de­crease the amount of carbs, wrap the meat in a leaf of ro­maine let­tuce.

5. Spread a can of spicy Thai tuna onto 2 spelt Lavash crack­ers. Eat with a hand­ful of baby car­rots.

6. Hard boil six eggs on the week­end and bring one or two to work with you to peel and eat when you need to fuel up on a high pro­tein snack. Eat with a piece of fruit and you’ve got a great mus­cle-build­ing snack!

7. Larabar Alt Pro­tein bars con­tain pea pro­tein, as well as nuts, brown rice flour and other whole­some in­gre­di­ents. One bar has 10 grams of pro­tein and they’re ve­gan friendly.

8. With 2 to 3 times the amount of pro­tein found in reg­u­lar yogurt, sin­gle serve Greek yo­gurts are a great way to add some pro­tein to your day. Try to avoid eat­ing the jam that is at the bot­tom to de­crease the amount of sugar that you eat, or buy plain and add your own fruit.

9. In a pinch, turkey jerky (or even beef jerky) is a de­cent high-pro­tein, low-fat snack. It’s great paired with a piece of fruit or some raw veg­gies. (Jerky can be high in sodium, so it shouldn’t be an “ev­ery­day” op­tion).

10. Edamame are young soy­bean pods com­monly eaten in Ja­pan and other Asian coun­tries. Once steamed, boiled or mi­crowaved, you eat the pea in­side and dis­card the shell. Usu­ally served with a sprin­kling of sea salt, they are easy to carry to work in a bag­gie and will add some va­ri­ety, pro­tein and healthy fat to your daily snack ex­pe­ri­ence.

Cut down on the pro­cessed “snacks” you eat dur­ing the day and add some more pro­tein and your body will be­come bet­ter at burn­ing fat, all day long.


Mixed nuts are a good source of pro­tein

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