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RE: Hu­mans and diet

We can learn a lot by tak­ing a closer look at the an­i­mal king­dom. For in­stance, take the her­bi­vores. Their veg­e­ta­tion diet called for a fairly nar­row im­mune system that kept the an­i­mals healthy their en­tire lives. When we come to the car­ni­vores, here again a nar­row im­mune system was enough to keep th­ese an­i­mals healthy. Then we have hu­mans, which are om­ni­vores. We eat ev­ery­thing, which in­cludes all of the junk that comes from the chem­i­cal com­pa­nies. Now we re­quire a very wide im­mune system which, un­for­tu­nately, we don’t have. Pre­scrip­tion drugs, in­jec­tions from an early age, are all meant to boost the im­mune system. But still all kinds of dis­ease-caus­ing pathogens sneak past to make us a very un­healthy race. Since we don’t have the bod­ies to be car­ni­vores, let’s take the only path left. Let’s be her­bi­vores and leave the an­i­mals alone. Let’s get back to be­ing healthy. Irene Miller, Hamil­ton

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