More rude driv­ing habits ex­posed

RE: Wav­ing good­bye to The Wave (Feb. 11)

The Hamilton Spectator - - OPINION -

Here’s a cou­ple more old fash­ioned cour­te­sies that are dis­ap­pear­ing along with The Wave.

1. Turn­ing on the full head­light sys­tem in the fog. I can’t be­lieve how many ve­hi­cles I see driv­ing in very foggy con­di­tions, es­pe­cially on the Moun­tain where fog is al­ways thicker, with­out their full head­lights turned on. And for those ve­hi­cles equipped with day­time run­ning lights, this ap­plies to the tail lights as well. Com­mon sense would dic­tate that hav­ing all lights on in the fog in­creases your chances of be­ing seen and stay­ing alive.

2. Turn­ing down your high beams when ap­proach­ing on­com­ing traf­fic. Again it amazes me at the num­ber of in­con­sid­er­ate driv­ers who feel they have a right to use their high beams at all times, with no re­gard to the safety and in­con­ve­nience of their fel­low driv­ers. It’s very sim­ple. When you see on­com­ing traf­fic, turn down your high beams. The other driver’s eyes will thank-you. Ernie Ca­terini, Hamil­ton

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