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The Good Per­cent­age of treat­ment cour­ses peer re­viewed by ra­di­a­tion on­col­o­gists in 2015/2016 LHIN: 72 (up from 46 the year be­fore) On­tario: 77 Tar­get: 75 The goal of peer re­view is to “nar­row the dif­fer­ences” in treat­ment be­tween ra­di­a­tion on­col­o­gists by hav­ing more than one doc­tor weigh in, says Dr. Ralph Meyer, CEO of the Ju­ravin­ski Hos­pi­tal and Can­cer Cen­tre. “It gen­er­ates ex­cel­lent dis­cus­sions … doc­tors are ac­count­able for it and you im­prove the qual­ity.” Per­cent­age of breast can­cer pa­tients who had un­planned hos­pi­tal vis­its dur­ing chemo­ther­apy from 2010 to 2014. LHIN: 32 On­tario: 46 “This is the met­ric about safety,” said Meyer, ex­plain­ing that the fewer un­planned hos­pi­tal vis­its the bet­ter. The LHIN scored well in a num­ber of dif­fer­ent can­cers for surgery and chemo­ther­apy. The Bad Per­cent­age of lung can­cer pa­tients di­ag­nosed within 28 days of re­fer­ral in 2016. LHIN: 55 On­tario: 61 Tar­get: 65 “We have a very large pro­gram,” said Meyer. This area has “more pa­tients than a lot of other re­gions in the prov­ince.” Per cent of pa­tients whose sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure oc­curred within the ac­cess tar­get in 2015/2016. LHIN: 79.4 On­tario: 87 Tar­get: 90 “We’ve spent a lot of time on this,” said Meyer. This fig­ure is driven by prostate, gy­ne­co­log­i­cal, head, neck and thy­roid can­cers. In the lat­ter three, the is­sue was a short­age of doc­tors with one be­ing re­cruited and start­ing this sum­mer. When it comes to prostate can­cer, men are choos­ing to wait to have their pro­ce­dure done by the da Vinci Si Sur­gi­cal Robotic Sys­tem, which is a min­i­mally in­va­sive state of the art tech­nol­ogy. Per cent of pa­tients screened at least once per month for symp­tom sever­ity in 2015/2016. LHIN: 40 On­tario: 61 Tar­get: 70 Ju­ravin­ski has long strug­gled with this tar­get. Meyer says the is­sue is some doc­tors don’t be­lieve the tool used to screen pa­tients is ef­fec­tive so they mon­i­tor symp­toms in other ways. The De­bat­able Per cent of pa­tients with rec­tal can­cer who re­ceived MRI or tran­srec­tal ul­tra­sound in the six months prior to rec­tal can­cer surgery from 2012 to 2016 LHIN: 78 On­tario: 92 “This marker has de­bate as­so­ci­ated with it,” said Meyer. He ex­plains that some area doc­tors are not con­vinced of the ben­e­fits. Per cent of re­ferred can­cer pa­tients seen within 14 days for reg­is­tered di­eti­cian ser­vices in 2015/2016 LHIN: 76 On­tario: 82 Tar­get: 85 Head, neck, esophageal and gas­troin­testi­nal can­cer pa­tients have a higher need for nu­tri­tional ser­vices so Ju­ravin­ski gives them pri­or­ity and more re­sources. It means pa­tients with other can­cers wait longer. Per cent of can­cer pa­tients given ra­di­a­tion treat­ment in the course of their ill­ness in 2015/2016 LHIN: 38 On­tario: 39 Tar­get: 48 “We don’t re­ally know what the tar­get should be,” said Meyer.

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