Trump’s ap­proval drops to 36 per cent

Amer­i­cans don’t trust pres­i­dent, Putin: poll

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U.S. Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s stand­ing with the Amer­i­can peo­ple has de­te­ri­o­rated since the spring, buf­feted by per­cep­tions of a de­cline in U.S. lead­er­ship abroad, a stalled pres­i­den­tial agenda at home and an un­pop­u­lar Repub­li­can health-care bill, ac­cord­ing to a new Wash­ing­ton PostABC News poll.

Ap­proach­ing six months in of­fice, Trump’s over­all ap­proval rat­ing has dropped to 36 per cent from 42 per cent in April. His dis­ap­proval rat­ing has risen five points to 58 per cent. Over­all, 48 per cent say they “dis­ap­prove strongly” of Trump’s per­for­mance in of­fice, a level never reached by for­mer pres­i­dents Bill Clin­ton and Barack Obama and reached only in the sec­ond term of Ge­orge W. Bush in PostABC polling.

Al­most half of all Amer­i­cans (48 per cent) see the coun­try’s lead­er­ship in the world as weaker since Trump was in­au­gu­rated, com­pared with 27 per cent who say it is stronger. De­spite the fact that Trump cam­paigned as some­one skilled at mak­ing deals that would be good for the coun­try, ma­jori­ties also say they do not trust him in ne­go­ti­a­tions with for­eign lead­ers and in par­tic­u­lar Rus­sian Pres­i­dent Vladimir Putin.

Just over one-third of all Amer­i­cans say they trust the pres­i­dent ei­ther “a great deal” or “a good amount” in any such for­eign ne­go­ti­a­tions. Asked specif­i­cally about Trump-Putin ne­go­ti­a­tions, al­most 2 in 3 say they do not trust the pres­i­dent much, in­clud­ing 48 per cent who say they do not trust the pres­i­dent “at all.”

The Post-ABC poll finds 60 per cent of Amer­i­cans think Rus­sia tried to in­flu­ence the elec­tion out­come, up slightly from 56 per cent in April. Some 44 per cent sus­pect Rus­sian in­ter­fer­ence and think Trump ben­e­fited from their ef­forts. Roughly 4 in 10 be­lieve mem­bers of Trump’s cam­paign in­ten­tion­ally aided Rus­sian ef­forts to in­flu­ence the elec­tion, though sus­pi­cions have changed lit­tle since the spring.

Amer­i­cans’ views on Rus­sia’s role in the elec­tion con­tinue to di­vide along par­ti­san lines. Among Democrats, 8 in 10 be­lieve Rus­sia at­tempted to in­flu­ence the elec­tion and more than 6 in 10 think mem­bers of Trump’s team at­tempted to aid their ef­forts. But among Repub­li­cans, one-third think Rus­sia tried to in­flu­ence the elec­tion out­come, and fewer than 1 in 10 think Trump’s as­so­ci­ates sought to help them.

Asked about Don­ald Trump Jr.’s meet­ing with Rus­sians, more than 6 in 10 Amer­i­cans say the meet­ing was in­ap­pro­pri­ate, with just about a quar­ter say­ing it was ap­pro­pri­ate. But al­most half of all Repub­li­cans call the meet­ing ap­pro­pri­ate.

Sus­pi­cions of Trump have eased at least slightly on one front. While 52 per cent think he is try­ing to in­ter­fere with in­ves­ti­ga­tions into Rus­sia’s pos­si­ble elec­tion in­ter­fer­ence, that is down slightly from 56 per cent in June.

Trump’s ap­proval rat­ing on the econ­omy is about one-to-one, with 43 per cent giv­ing him pos­i­tive marks and 41 per cent giv­ing him neg­a­tive rat­ings. Mean­while, fewer than 4 in 10 say the Demo­cratic party cur­rently stands for some­thing, while a slight ma­jor­ity say it “just stands against Trump.”


Like Don­ald Trump seen here at the Trump Na­tional Golf Club, the pres­i­dent’s dis­ap­proval rat­ing among Amer­i­cans is climb­ing — to 58 per cent, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est Wash­ing­ton Post-ABC News opin­ion poll.

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