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RE: An­other rea­son for ac­ci­dents on the park­way (July 26)

The writer makes a valid and ac­cu­rate point re­gard­ing the pro­longed cur­va­ture head­ing west at the top of the un­bound lane. But that and the wrong type of pave­ment does not rest alone. The en­tire high­way was mis­con­fig­ured from the out­set.

Ex­ca­vat­ing the en­tire route from top to bot­tom was a ma­jor over­sight, which pre­sented no other al­ter­na­tive than to con­fig­ure it to a swerv­ing snake-shaped artery sloped both ways from en­try to exit. Driv­ing skill is reg­u­larly put to the ul­ti­mate test on such an artery, es­pe­cially with the ma­jor­ity of driv­ers ex­ceed­ing the posted speed limit.

Add the con­voy of slower en­ter­ing trans­port trucks, which have to hold lower gear on a slope and there be­comes an ob­sta­cle in the mak­ing, im­pa­tient driv­ers con­tin­u­ally dart­ing in and out of them at ran­dom. In­tro­duce the in­clement weather con­di­tions and the chal­lenge to safety be­comes fur­ther ac­cen­tu­ated.

In 1969, the Don Val­ley Park­way was in­tro­duced and ac­claimed as a marvel. It runs atop a lower val­ley, sim­i­lar to our lo­cal RHVP.

Where were the con­cep­tual minds so many years later when the de­sign con­cept over the Red Hill was ini­ti­ated? Why did we stoop so low? It could have and should have been a copy of the DVP and the losses we suf­fered may have been spared. Frank Gallo, An­caster

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