Tay­lor Swift tes­ti­fies former DJ groped her un­der her skirt


Tay­lor Swift tes­ti­fied Thurs­day that a former ra­dio DJ reached un­der her skirt and in­ten­tion­ally grabbed her back­side dur­ing a meet-and-a-greet photo ses­sion be­fore a 2013 con­cert in Den­ver.

“He stayed at­tached to my bare ass-cheek as I lurched away from him,” the pop star tes­ti­fied dur­ing about an hour on the stand in fed­eral court dur­ing a trial over the claim.

Swift said she tried to get as far away from David Mueller as she could. She said she told Mueller and his girlfriend, Shannon Melcher, who was also in the photo, “thank you for com­ing” in a mono­tone voice be­fore they left.

Swift said she was stunned and did not say any­thing to Mueller or halt the meet-and-greets af­ter he left be­cause she did not want to dis­ap­point a few dozen peo­ple wait­ing in line to ap­pear in pho­tos with her.

She tes­ti­fied she first men­tioned the in­ci­dent about 15 min­utes later to her pho­tog­ra­pher, Stephanie Sim­beck.

Mueller has sued Swift and oth­ers on her team, deny­ing he groped Swift and claim­ing the al­le­ga­tion cost him his job. He is seek­ing up to $3 mil­lion in dam­ages. Swift coun­ter­sued, al­leg­ing sex­ual as­sault, and is ask­ing for a sym­bolic $1 judg­ment that holds Mueller re­spon­si­ble.

The pop star was cor­dial in her tes­ti­mony but di­rect and some­times testy while be­ing ques­tioned by a lawyer rep­re­sent­ing Mueller.

Asked about her re­ac­tion when she learned that Mueller had been fired, Swift replied that she was not go­ing to al­low the lawyer or Mueller to make her feel like it was her fault.

Ques­tioned re­peat­edly about how she was groped, Swift tes­ti­fied that “it was a def­i­nite grab. A very long grab.” She also said that no one else could have groped her.

“It hap­pened to me. I have a 3D re-cre­ation of what hap­pened in my brain,” she said.

Swift said a photo sent by her li­ai­son to Robert Call, gen­eral man­ager of the ra­dio sta­tion where Mueller worked, showed the ex­act mo­ment that Mueller groped her.

In the im­age, shown to ju­rors dur­ing open­ing state­ments but not pub­licly re­leased, Mueller’s hand is be­hind Swift, just be­low her waist. Both are smil­ing.

She said she would not have needed the photo to re­mem­ber Mueller.

“I could have picked him out of a line of a thou­sand,” she tes­ti­fied.

Swift also tes­ti­fied that her se­cu­rity guard, Greg Dent, saw David Mueller “lift my skirt” and grab her, but it was im­pos­si­ble for any­one to see Mueller’s hand be­neath her skirt and on her but­tock be­cause they were pos­ing for the photo with their backs to a wall.

Swift said some­one would have had to been un­der­neath her to see the ac­tual grop­ing dur­ing the photo shoot “and we didn’t have any­one po­si­tioned there.” The line drew laughs from the au­di­ence in the court­room.

Mueller tes­ti­fied Wed­nes­day that the photo taken be­fore the con­cert was “weird and awk­ward,” but he in­sisted that he touched Swift in the ribs, not in the rear. Mueller tes­ti­fied his hand was touch­ing Swift’s skirt af­ter he put his arm around her and their arms got crossed: “My hand was at rib-cage level and ap­par­ently it went down.”

The case is be­ing tried in fed­eral court un­der a law al­low­ing the pro­ceed­ing when the par­ties live in sep­a­rate states and the dis­pute in­volves a dam­ages claim higher than $75,000.


A sign is placed out­side the civil case for Tay­lor Swift vs. David Mueller at the Al­fred A. Ar­raj Court­house on Thurs­day in Den­ver, Colo.

Tay­lor Swift

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