How to en­joy left­overs — from cot­tage cheese to red wine

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Q: I made a fan­tas­tic fresh tomato pie, but now I’ve got a three-quar­ters-full con­tainer of cot­tage cheese, which I sort of loathe. Any sug­ges­tions for ways to use it (where I won’t ac­tu­ally no­tice the taste or tex­ture)? Can I make more crusts for the tomato pie and freeze them for fu­ture use?

A: Yes, I think you can make the crust (through the par-bak­ing step), let cool com­pletely, then wrap and freeze un­til you’re ready for more. I’m guess­ing it’d be bet­ter to par-bake in an alu­minum pie plate and freeze them in that, too, just to pro­vide struc­ture.

Q: I opened a bot­tle of red when we had guests over but I don’t re­ally drink it. Last year I boiled it down with sugar and poached peaches or made san­gria. Yummy! Won­der­ing if there are other ideas out there?

A: Also try coq au vin, beef or lamb stew, or add left­over red wine to a pot of boil­ing wa­ter and cook your pasta in it. Make a quick sauce with some of the cook­ing liq­uid, but­ter and Parme­san. You can also freeze it in ice cube trays to quickly add to sauces.

Q: I bought a bag of al­mond flour at Costco and now am won­der­ing what to do with it. I was think­ing it would be good for bak­ing and pan­cakes but would love some other ideas.

A: Yes, it’s great for those things! You can coat chicken fin­gers, or mix it with herbs and use it to top pieces of fish brushed with mus­tard and broil. Also use it to coat chicken scalop­pine or mix it with panko for a baked-fish top­ping. It also gives tex­ture to chewy brown­ies.

Q: I’m em­bar­rassed to ask what must be a ba­sic cook­ing ques­tion, but what’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween stock and broth? Some recipes call for one, some for the other. I as­sume that broth is wa­tered-down stock, or is there some other cri­te­rion for the dif­fer­ence?

A: The dif­fer­ence comes down to bones. Stocks are slow-sim­mered with an­i­mal bones and their con­nec­tive tis­sues (and some­times meat). They, then, have more body than a broth, which is the re­sult of cook­ing only meat in wa­ter.


The chal­lenge: us­ing up left­over cot­tage cheese.

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