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Ear­lier this year, I ac­quired an eight-year-old SUV with two sets of tires in new con­di­tion. I re­moved the set of win­ter tires on the ve­hi­cle that were in­stalled on the man­u­fac­turer al­loy rims and put the sum­mer tires on. With win­ter ap­proach­ing, I was con­sid­er­ing buy­ing new steel rims for the win­ter tires since re­place­ment al­loy rims were much more ex­pen­sive, how­ever the tire sen­sor would not be op­er­a­tional but I could live with it. Re­in­stalling the win­ter tires on the al­loy rims is the other op­tion. Is there a con­cern of dam­ag­ing the tires and/or rims if they are changed year af­ter year on the al­loy rims? Bob from Hamilton


If the cor­rect equip­ment is used to change the tires then there should not be any dam­age done to the tires or rims. With the cost to re­move, re­place and bal­ance the tires ev­ery year, your sug­ges­tion to pur­chas­ing used steel rims from the auto re­cy­clers is the least ex­pen­sive thing to do.


About three weeks ago, I pur­chased four new tires for my car from a Burling­ton tire out­let. I have been back to the garage on two dif­fer­ent oc­ca­sions to have them re­bal­ance the tires but I still get a vi­bra­tion and I want them to re­place the tires. They are telling me that I have a faulty CV joint on the left front of the car. I ad­mit­ted to the garage that I was get­ting a small vi­bra­tion with the old tires but not to the ex­tent that I am get­ting now with the new tires. I be­lieve that I have a tire prob­lem and are ask­ing for your help in solv­ing this for me. Can you do any­thing for me? Thanks in ad­vance. Danny from Burling­ton


I spoke to the garage and they did tell me that their me­chanic checked the car and in­sisted that it needed a CV (con­stant ve­loc­ity) joint. I told the garage that I would ask you UP HP UP BOZ RVBMJlFE GSPOU FOE HBSBHF BOE IBWF UIFN DIFDL

out both front U-joints in the car. If that garage said that the u-joints were okay, would they then look into chang­ing the tires again for you and they agreed to do that. If it turns out that your car does a have a u-joint prob­lem, you can get it re­placed at that garage or at the place where you pur­chased the tires. If it turns out that the u-joints are okay, I would like to know the place that checked the car for you and I will re­lay that in­for­ma­tion back to the tire out­let.


I just pur­chased a new Kia and af­ter two weeks of driv- ing, I hap­pened to check the engine oil like I have done on all my pre­vi­ous ve­hi­cles. To my as­ton­ish­ment, I found that the oil was down about one and one-half litres in less than eight hun­dred kilo­me­ters. I went back to the dealer and they topped up the oil and did not seem to have any con­cerns as to where the oil went. When I ques­tioned them about the oil loss, they just told me that it was not un­usual for B OFX DBS UP VTF PJM PO UIF lSTU UXP UP

three thou­sand kilo­me­tres. What do you think? Mac from Kitch­ener


I think that the oil was not prop­erly topped up from the fac­tory and the deal­er­ship do­ing the PDI (pre­de­liv­ery in­spec­tion) did not check the oil be­fore you took de­liv­ery of the ve­hi­cle. To be safe how­ever, I would mon­i­tor the oil for the next thou­sand kilo­me­tres and if the loss of oil con­tin­ues, I would be con­cerned and let the dealer know.


I had my new car rust­proofed about six weeks ago and over the past month, when we had the rain, I started to hear swish­ing sounds com­ing ev­ery time I put the brakes on. I went back to UIF EFBMFS BOE UIFZ DPVME OPU lOE UIF

prob­lem be­cause it was not there when I went for a drive with the ser­vice man­ager. He told me to come back when the sound was au­di­ble. The last rain­storm that I drove in, the swish­ing came back so I took it into the dealer right away. What they found was that the garage that rust­proofed the car plugged the drain holes in the driver’s door and UIF XBUFS XBT lMMJOH VQ JO UIF CPUUPN

of the door. The dealer cleaned out the drain holes and I have not heard the sound since. A friend of mine has told me that the water has washed away the rust pro­tec­tion and the door is now go­ing to rust. I would like your pro­fes­sional opin­ion since all the in­for­ma­tion that I am get­ting is that my door is go­ing to pre­ma­turely rust out. Thank you. Sandy from Hal­ton


It sounds to me that the rust pro­tec­tion com­pany has over rust pro­tected the driver’s door to the point that it is never go­ing to rust out in the life­time of the car. To put your mind at ease how­ever, I called the dealer and they have asked the rust pro­tec­tion com­pany to redo that door for you at your con­ve­nience, which they have agreed to do for you. That job should only take about lGUFFO NJOVUFT UP EP TP ZPV DBO XBJU GPS

it to be done.

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