The Great game.

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While we are be­set by nat­u­ral dis­as­ters I’m go­ing to put for­ward a few the­o­ries about a likely man made one that may see mush­room for­ma­tions that are most un­wel­come. I’m also fig­ur­ing that there is much more go­ing on be­hind the scenes than a mere mor­tal like me is likely to know about any­time soon.

North Korea, fol­low­ing its biggest nuclear test, said that it is ready, will­ing and able to strap a nuclear war­head on to a long range in­ter­con­ti­nen­tal bal­lis­tic mis­sile (ICBM). There has been pub­lic out­rage and shock from the U.S., South Korea and Ja­pan all of whom stand to be in the field of North Korea’s fire. Other ma­jor na­tions have chipped in too, less so China, the one that re­ally mat­ters and Rus­sia, a lit­tle less so.

I’ve said it be­fore. I don’t be­lieve that North Korea could have got any­where near its ca­pa­bil­ity this well and this fast with­out help, a lot of help. Fol­low­ing my gut as well as read­ing I’m go­ing to throw some stuff out there.

Firstly, the North Korean mis­siles are sim­i­lar to Chi­nese ones and some of the tech­nol­ogy could have come from Pak­istan, also backed by China. Help could have come di­rectly from China too.

Se­condly, me­dia re­ports have in­di­cated that North Korean ICBM launch ve­hi­cles looked to be Chi­nese.

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck. Ergo, it is a duck. I’m think­ing that far from hold­ing North Korea back China is push­ing it for­ward per­haps be­cause China can con­tinue with its South China Sea am­bi­tions and maybe more.

It may sound mad but what if some­one or some­ones some­where has fig­ured out a way to win a nuclear war? Fur­ther­more, not car­ing about ca­su­al­ties and da­m­age what if they were al­ready on a game plan to this end? Go­ing even fur­ther. What if al­liances have been made to fight a war on mul­ti­ple fronts? One na­tion go­ing up against the might of the U.S. is go­ing to lose, many na­tions across the world not so much. China and Rus­sia are neigh­bours. Yes, they have squab­bled but they seem a lot friend­lier to­wards each other lately. To them we can maybe add, nuclear armed Pak­istan and Iran maybe Tur­key, Venezuela and The Philip­pines. Plenty to cause trou­ble over a wide area there. I’ve maybe missed a few too.

Right now, the lead­er­ship of the U.S. is well un­pre­dictable, frac­tious, chaotic? Choose one word or choose all three. The point is that if there is an al­liance, plot/plan to win a war then given the cir­cum­stances now or soon may be the best time to im­ple­ment it.

I don’t ex­pect any more sanc­tions to be made against North Korea any­time soon. I ex­pect China or Rus­sia, maybe both, to veto them. As I write this North Korea is rel­a­tively quiet. An­other launch in the off­ing? I ex­pect so. Also, NATO has a lot of forces along the bor­der with Eastern Europe, Rus­sia has been and is set to con­duct mil­i­tary ex­er­cises on its side of the bor­der soon. Ex­er­cises are a great ex­cuse to get forces to jump off points.

Like I said at the be­gin­ning this is just a the­ory. I hope to hell that I’m wrong.

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