Wa an lays ali lin san ii llama’ sa’ aa That man can have noth­ing but what he strives for.

The Miracle - - Editorial - By: Gul­shan Aalani

No doubt any kind of Racism is in­tol­er­a­ble by right­eous godly peo­ple who has every right to op­pose and speak­ing up against any kind of wrong do­ings of oth­ers. To pro­tect and de­fend in­no­cents in trou­ble is every right­eous hu­man’s duty, and GOD’s given rights: “Fight in the way of GOD”; mean­ing with­out ha­tred of the op­po­si­tions, with the right con­duct to stand up against all evils and just be the ‘Hu­man Rights Ac­tivists”. Most amaz­ingly, the Van­cou­verites counter protestors op­po­si­tion- an­tiRacism group proved they are in ma­jor­ity as their ‘ac­tion’ was based on unity and sol­i­dar­ity and amaz­ingly about 4000 peo­ple turned up at the Rally on 19th. Au­gust at Na­tional-Su­prem­a­cists’Van­cou­ver City Hall, by group, ‘White a few Nazi sym­pa­thiz­ers, few an­tiIm­mi­gra­tion-anti-Is­lamic group. Thank GOD with­out much phys­i­cal fight as phys­i­cal fight is not ap­pro­pri­ate, it vi­o­lates the de­cency of hu­man con­cern, which also ru­ins the real cause and in­creases ha­tred on both sides, so the peace­ful protests are more ef­fec­tive. Ev­i­dently premacism, the Is­lam­o­pho­bia,racism, White andSuNeo Nazi, is the cen­turies old tragedies, and in­creas­ing in this an era of Da­j­jaal-anti-Christ-anti-GOD. Ha­tred of GOD is the main rea­son of ha­tred of oth­ers, also lack of true knowl­edge of in­ter­twined ‘One com­mu­nity’, which is con­firmed by the ‘Di­vine word’. Ev­ery­one of us have the DNA that iden­ti­fies our true tribal ID. Mil­lions of Mus­lims are the mix­ture of ex-Chris­tians, ex-Jews, ex-Bani Is­rael 12 tribes of Prophet Is­rael-Ja­cob (AS), the Kash­miris, Ethiopi­ans are Bani Is­raeli, some Aryans-Arya Sa­maji, some Hin­dus are Bani-Man­naseh-Manu, and Bani Is­rael, some of my Fa­ther side Hindu an­ces­tors were Bani Is­rael prac­tic­ing Pa­gan­ism and be­lieved ‘Baal’ (Gopal) was god-Bhag­wan and wor­shiped him (Ref. Bi­ble). Th­ese Mus­lims haven’t changed their tribes or DNA but only the re­li­giousstowed on ti­tle them ‘Mus­lim’af­ter ac­cept­ingthat is be- the fi­nal Rev­e­la­tion of Cre­ator-GOD. There­fore, no­body can adopt this ti­tle with­out ac­cept­ing Is­lam, us­ing the fake ID would be a crim­i­nal act of steal­ing the ID. Cer­tain White Su­prem­a­cists have taken DNA test to prove their ‘Racial pu­rity’, un­for­tu­nately they dis­cov­ered they are not 100% White, but had African or mid­dle Eastern her­itage. Also an­other re­al­ity must be ac­cepted by all. None of the White, Black, or Brown peo­ple chose th­ese col­ors, but given by GOD, so the com­plaint should be taken to HIM. No doubt some Brown and Black peo­ple love to be White but sorry it’s not pos­si­ble. We love our nat­u­ral color and to ob­tain it we didn’t need to bake our­selves sit­ting in the Sun. The de­clares: co­me­dian“It is Ri­tanot our Fey coun­try,slams andwe stole it from the Na­tive Amer­i­cans”. (Ouch). The rea­son anti-Is­lamic group hates Is­lam is due to the evil ac­tions of ter­ror­ists the fake Mus­lims, anti-Is­lam anti-Sharia. Hope­fully,ally, acists like and the they neo for­mer will Nazi White change group Suprem- eventu- ‘Life af­ter Hate’ work­ing to re­form other W. Su­prem­a­cists. This proves none of th­ese an­gry groups will re­main hate­ful, so hurt­ing them phys­i­cally or killing is the worst idea. As they all have po­ten­tial to change. This re­minds the his­tor­i­cal fact of the Vil­lagers out to kill the Prophet (SAWS) throw­ing stones at him, and the An­gel asked his per­mis­sion to de­stroy them but the Prophet said: No, they are po­ten­tial Mus­lims of to­mor­row and ig­nored them.

On Au­gust 30.

Af­ter Asar prayer a num­ber of Mus­lim com­mu­nity memers gath­ered at Sur­rey Jameh Masjid for Dua Magh­frat of Br Sikan­dar Tayob. In which many late Tayob friends shared their num­ber of years af­fil­i­a­tions with him and told his ded­i­ca­tions and work for Com­mu­nity in BCMA and also his par­tic­i­pa­tions in com­mu­nity is­sues at each fo­rum. At the end Qar Ab­dul Wa­hab made Duaa for him and his fam­ily.

Br. Musa Is­mail: I de­scribe him as a “Mus­lim with No Bor­ders” be­cause he was al­ways will­ing to par­tic­i­pate and sup­port all mus­lim or­ga­ni­za­tions and any func­tion which was for the ben­e­fit of the Ummah.He was a great fam­ily friend and ev­ery­one loved him young and old. May Al­lah Sub­han wa Taala for­give his short com­ings and grant him Jan­nah. Ameen

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