Pak­istan’s 10 most pop­u­lous cities revealed

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T he 2017 Cen­sus in Pak­istan was a de­tailed enu­mer­a­tion of the Pak­istani population which be­gan on 15 March 2017 and ended on 25 May 2017. The cen­sus was con­ducted by the Pak­istan Bureau of Statis­tics for the first time af­ter 19 years. Ini­tial es­ti­mates put the population at 21–22 crore (210–220 mil­lion). Due to the dis­missal of Nawaz Sharif from the of­fice of Prime Min­is­ter, the pro­vi­sional re­sults were de­layed. The pro­vi­sional re­sults were fi­nally pre­sented to the the Coun­cil of Com­mon In­ter­ests on Au­gust 25, 2017, and then ap­proved and re­leased to the pub­lic. The re­sults showed a to­tal population of 207.8 mil­lion. Pro­vi­sional Re­sults The pro­vi­sional re­sults of the 2017 Cen­sus were pre­sented to the Coun- cil of Com­mon In­ter­ests on 25 Au­gust 2017.Ac­cord­ing to the re­sults, the to­tal population in Pak­istan was 207,774,520, rep­re­sent­ing a 57% in­crease in 19 years.The pro­vi­sional re­sults ex­clude data from Gil­git-Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kash­mir, which is likely to be in­cluded in the fi­nal re­port in 2018.The trans­gen­der population stood at 10,418 (0.005% of the population).The ur­ban population in Pak­istan stood at 75,580,000 or 36.4% of the to­tal population. Population in Prov­inces: Balochis­tan : 12,344,408 Peo­ple Islamabad Cap­i­tal Ter­ri­tory 2,006,572 Peo­ple Khy­ber Pak­thunkhwa: 30,523,371 Peo­ple Pun­jab: 110,012,442 Sindh: 47,886,051 Tribal Ar­eas: 5,001,676 TO­TAL: 207,774,520 Males: 10,64,49,000 Fe­males: 10,13,14,000 Top 10 most pop­u­lated cities 1: Karachi : 14.91 mil­lion peo­ple 2: La­hore: 11.126 mil­lion 3:Faisal­abad: 3.2 mil­lion 4:Rawalpindi: 2.098 mil­lion 5:Gu­jran­wala: 2.027 mil­lion 6:Pe­shawar: 1.97 mil­lion 7:Mul­tan: 1.872 mil­lion 8:Hy­der­abad: 1.733 mil­lion 9:Islamabad: 1.015 mil­lion 10:Quetta: 1.001 mil­lion

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