How peo­ple con­ceive wel­fare so­ci­ety?

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When a house­wife goes to any eastern or west­ern ‘cash and carry’ she re­turns home grum­bling. When asked if she has lost some money she fur­ther loses her tem­per, say­ing a bunch of green co­rian­der has gone up 300 per cent to Rs.60. 0. “God help us!” Why the com­mon man isn’t happy with democ­racy? The ques­tion is which so­cial and eco­nomic sys­tem they want for their wel­fare. Visit to sev­eral places and mosques revealed mid­dle, lower mid­dle and poor seg­ments wa want a so­ci­ety based on prin­ci­ples laid down i in the Qu­ran. Most of them feel fi­nan­cially crip­pled by su surg­ing prices of kitchen items as well as tho those of chil­dren books and sta­tionery. Th They raise some ba­sic ques­tions: Why a new ho home­land was cre­ated for Mus­lims in the su sub-con­ti­nent, why feu­dal­ism and cap­i­tal­ism ha have not been re­placed by a wel­fare sys­tem wh when the new state was achieved af­ter a long str strug­gle in the name of Is­lam, and why the ma masses are ex­ploited. Di Dis­gusted peo­ple psy­cho­log­i­cally get heart­ened when some par­tic­i­pants of dis­cus­sion em­pha­size the need for study­ing the Qu­ran, par­tic­u­larly Su­rah Al-Baqarah, for get­ting rid of mis­eries caused by so­cio-eco­nomic in­jus­tice, bribery, cor­rup­tion, hoard­ing, black­mar­ket­ing, nepo­tism and un­em­ploy­ment etc. City olds say un­der­stand­ing the Qu­ran will help evolve a wel­fare so­ci­ety as or­dained by Almighty God. The so­ci­ety thus or­ga­nized by hu­mans must live un­der laws that guide their ev­ery­day life based on prin­ci­ples of right­eous­ness and fair deal­ing, clean­li­ness and so­bri­ety, hon­esty and help­ful­ness one to an­other—yet shaped into con­crete forms to suit and cir­cum­stances, and the vary­ing needs of av­er­age men and women. The food will have to be clean and whole­some. The pre­req­ui­sites of a wel­fare so­ci­ety we need in­clude abo­li­tion of blood feuds; recog­ni­tion of the rights and du­ties of heirs af­ter death, not in a spirit of for­mal­ism but to help the weak and the needy; and check on self­ish act and wrong-do­ing of so-called ‘pun­chay­ats’; learn­ing self-de­nial by fast­ing; the courage to fight in de­fence of the home­land. In such a wel­fare so­ci­ety char­ity and help to the poor is or­ga­nized; gam­bling and ri­ots are banned; or­phans and the rights of women are pro­tected. “In short, that’s the cure of any bad gov­er­nance,” as­serts the house­wife.

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