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By : Asma Ayyaz, Mort­gage Bro­ker WhatW a not re­lief, have thanks sur­vive god, one dayI swear more. I This wouldw Th and many other sen­tences I heard aroundar me. Many moth­ers are happy thatth school started and life be­came nor­malm again. We all are back to rou­tine life. peo­ple.WeW pe hu­man We be­ingdo not are like also any very sit­u­a­tion dif­fi­cult for a al long time. We al­ways look for what we do not have or can­not have. We hardly ap­pre­ci­ateap what we al­ready have. When chil­drench are hav­ing ex­ams or schools, we wait for va­ca­tion. When va­ca­tion comes we wait for school to re­open. Teacher’s duty/mother’s duty

When we are all tired of va­ca­tion pe­riod of school, we are tired of look­ing after our own chil­dren; our own flesh and blood; whom we love so deeply , how can we re­spect the teach­ers, who are do­ing job, to mould our chil­dren, to make our chil­dren wor­thy hu­man be­ings. We re­spect school to mirac­u­lously make our chil­dren best in most of the things. Yes, they spend lot of time in school, they go there to learn but so do at home too. Home is first school-

Our fam­ily, our home is very first school,

even be­fore any pre pri­mary school. The very first base of their lives is made even be­fore they are born, right from mother’s womb. What chil­dren can grasp, un­der­stand and learn at home home, has great im­pact on their sub­con­scious mind for a very long time. It is fun

Re­ally, it is great fun in va­ca­tion time to go out in parks, pic­nic ECT with chil­dren. It is good leisure time too. Now school’s opened, we are back to nor­mal rou­tine life. Our days will be more planned, more dis­ci­plined. We give more time to our­selves moth­ers. Let us have some new ac­tiv­ity planned for our­selves. . For any in­quiries please email at :as­

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