Tol­er­ance essence of democ­racy

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Worth re­call­ing is a friendly meet­ing some­time ago at which Nawaz Sharif talk­ing about democ­racy per­son­ally told me “tol­er­ance is must in a demo­cratic set-up”. Ex­change of views had just be­gun when Mushahid Hus­sain Sayed rushed to in­ter­vene, say­ing: “Sorry, first fin­ish the well-cooked rice”.”. Today, one re­calls the founder of Pak­istan had in his mind the idea of tol­er­ance and prin­ci­ple of democ­racy. He told lead­ers of Balochis­tan :“It is my be­lief that our sal­va­tion lies in fol­low­ing the golden rules of con­duct set for us by our great law-giver the Prophet (peace be upon him) of Is­lam. Let’s lay the foun­da­tion of our democ­racy on the ba­sis of truly Is­lamic ideals and prin­ci­ples.” In a broad­cast talk to the peo­ple of the U.S., he em­pha­sised the ul­ti­mate shape of the Co Con­sti­tu­tion would be of a demo­cratic type, em em­body­ing the prin­ci­ples of Is­lam. “We’ve ma many non-Mus­lims but they’re all Pak­ista­nis. They’ll en­joy the same rights and priv­i­leg leges as any other cit­i­zen, and will play their rig right­ful part in the af­fairs of Pak­istan.” Th This meant paving the way for tol­er­ance and na na­tional unity. Th The 4uaid had bor­rowed idea of so­cio-econo nomic jus­tice and tol­er­ance from Prophet M Muham­mad (PBUH). So, in the wake of the com­mod­ity price spurt anywhere, peo­ple re­vive knowl­edge about the prophet and the ar­chi­tect of Pak­istan. They re­call how in­tel­li­gently the Mes­sen­ger of God abol­ished the tribal dis­tinc­tion, and grouped the in­hab­i­tants of Me­d­ina un­der one gen­eral name An­saar (Helper). In or­der to unite the for­mer and the ‘muha­jireen’ in closer bonds, he es­tab­lished a broth­er­hood be­tween them. The prophet fully re­al­ized the truth that the foun­da­tion of the Is­lamic state would be weak un­less it was based upon the good­will and sup­port of all sec­tions of peo­ple. Tol­er­a­tion of oth­ers’ faith is nec­es­sary where dif­fer­ent races live to­gether. His pol­icy in this re­spect was: “Live and let live oth­ers.” There are many acts of Prophet Muham­mad (PBUH) which are of great rel­e­vance today. One is that he granted to all Chris­tians a char­ter which is a mon­u­ment of en­light­ened tol­er­ance. They were not to be un­fairly taxed., no bishop was to be driven out of his bish­opric, no monk was to be ex­pelled from his monastery, and no pil­grim was to be de­tained from the pil­grim­age. In case of the re­pair of churches the Mus­lims were to help the Chris­tians. The Prophet, who was also com­man­der-inchief, thus, not only by words but also by deeds, treated the Jews and Chris­tians with the ut­most tol­er­ance and re­gard and re­spect for their faith and be­lief. There’s need for unity, faith and dis­ci­pline at a time the coun­try is pass­ing through a crit­i­cal phase of its life.

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