Re­mem­brance of the great mar­tyrs of Kar­bala

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On Oct 7, Masjid An­waar e Mad­ina or­ga­nized a very spir­i­tual pro­gram in the re­mem­brance of the great mar­tyrs of Kar­bala and the great and high sta­tus of the grand­son of the holy prophet ,sal­lal­lahu alaihe wa Sal­lam , saiyyiduna Imaam Hus­sein radi al­lahu ta’ala anhu. The pro­gram started off with the recita­tion of Qu­ran by Zee­shan Im­roz , fol­lowed by a few naats and man­qa­bats in group. Then af­ter Maghrib M/C Saiyad Afroz de­scribed the Shuadha e Kar­balah event of this evening pur­pose. He in­vited Imam and Kha­teeb of Masjid An­waar e Mad­ina, maulana Saiyad Im­roz Dean Saify, who holds per­mis­sion and spir­i­tual author­ity in naqsh­bandi , qadri , chisti , and so­har­wardi, de­liv­ered a very in­for­ma­tive , spir­i­tual and fac­tual speech in Urdu re­gard­ing the events of Kar­bala and the rea­sons be­hind it. Imaam Hus­sein fought to save and hon­our Is­lam against the tyranny of Yazeed and his stands. Maulana Im­roz mostly fo­cused at the theme of Sha­ha­dat (sac­ri­fice)of Imaam Hus­sain. He started his speech from Hzt Ibrahim(A.S) ima­mat and ended with Ahl e Bayt. We be­ing a Mus­lim re­spect Amir e Muhaw­iha(R.A) and he was not re­spon­si­ble for his son Yazeed’s sins. This was the bat­tle of Truth and False­hood (Haq o Batil for two dif­fer­ent the­o­ries. It was not for the king­ship. Some schol­ars nowa­days are prop­a­gat­ing in favour of Yazeed which is wrong. Like Ibrahim(A.S) and Nim­rood, there could be no com­pro­mise on Truth or False­hood. Truth Al­hum­dulil­lah won and Imam Hus­sain (R.A) names lives on around the world. He is also leader of youth in Jan­nah as per prophet Mo­ham­mad (saw) said, and no­body re­mem­bers Yazeed and Ibn Ziad in good words. He also men­tioned the im­por­tance of hav­ing love and re­spect of the Ahle Bayt from the Qu­ran and Ha­diths . It is manda­tory upon all Mus­lims to have love and re­spect for the fam­ily of the holy prophet, namely the prophet, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fa­tima, Imaam Has­san and Imaam Hus­sein (R.A). Af­ter Isha Br. Afroz in­vited the chief guest speaker Al­lama Mo­ham­mad Ayyub Chishti, qadri (Imam and Kha­teeb Masjid Auliya Al­lah in Sur­rey). He nar­rated few Qu­ran verses (Sura Maida) and Ha­diths. He ex­plained the pri­or­ity of prophets on each other and then our beloved prophet Mo­ham­mad (SAW) sta­tus among those. Who would be near­est to the Prophet(saw) would def­i­nitely have more re­spect than oth­ers i.e. Prophet’s wives, daugh­ters, sons, rel­a­tives and all com­pan­ions. He spoke of Imam Hus­sain’s great­est sac­ri­fice of life for the sake of Deen that we have to­day. Maulana Ayub also said that it is no doubt that Pan­j­tan Pak (Prophet Muham­mad (SAW), Ali (R.A.), Fa­tima (R.A.), Has­san and Hus­sain (R.A), are Ahle Bayt but Prophet’s close fam­ily mem­bers and rel­a­tives are also the Ahle Bayt and it is proved through Ha­diths. The pro­gram fin­ished with Salaat o Salaam and Duaa made by Al­lama Mo­ham­mad Ayyub ,ev­ery­one left af­ter hav­ing a de­li­cious din­ner.

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