The Miracle - - Women - By: Asma Ayyaz, Mort­gage Bro­ker

Happy Thanks­giv­ing to all of us Hope all of you have re­ally happy thanks­giv­ing week­end cel­e­brated in your re­spec­tive ways.This is such a beau­ti­ful con­cept. I en­joyed it so much so that I would love to ex­tend it through­out the year. Thank you That’s what ev­ery­body likes to hear, isn’t it? Even God loves to hear it. It’s free, easy to give, re­ward­ing. Then WHY don’t we? We say thank you most of the time in courtesy, as one of the magic words we are taught as a good be­hav­ior. Th­ese words should come from our heart. This is pos­si­ble when we ac­tu­ally feel it un­der­stand its true mean­ing in deeper sense. ARE we the orig­i­nal cre­ator? We earn lots of money, de­sign or cre­ate some­thing great, we are en­gi­neers, ar­chi­tects, artists, chefs .list is end­less. Have we ever thought about who gives orig­i­nal re­sources? We can make high rise build­ings, bridges, in­fra­struc­ture .but who pro­duces ba­sic ma­te­rial iron? A chef can cook amaz­ing tasty dishes but can he pro­duce ba­sic wheat or veg­eta­bles seeds? We should be thank­ful to the cre­ator of this amaz­ing uni­verse first. Se­condly, we should be thank­ful to our par­ents for putting our needs first and then the dreams of their own life. Our teach­ers, friends, neigh­bors, rel­a­tives, any per­son do­ing our work well, and go­ing out of way to help us ..the list is end­less. It is very im­por­tant to ac­knowl­edge that uni­verse runs bet­ter with ev­ery­body help­ing each other by the bal­ance of giv­ing and tak­ing. This aware­ness makes us feel grate­ful thus makes us kind, po­lite and teaches us tol­er­ance and h hum­ble­ Wh When we val­uel the peo­ple, things and cir­cum­stances, we are bet­ter hu­man be­ings. We re­spect oth­ers and our­selves more. When we un­der­stand the im­por­tance and value of time and peo­ple, we learn to pri­or­i­tize, we learn to progress with right­ful­ness. This feel­ing of thank­ful­ness clears the dust of ego, selfish­ness, self-cen­tered­ness in our­selves. This helps re­la­tion­ships bet­ter. When par­ents feel thank­ful for be­ing blessed with chil­dren, they will pay more at­ten­tion to their chil­dren with aware­ness, not just be a par­ent. When chil­dren feel thank­ful for their par­ents, love, care and sac­ri­fices they will be work­ing more hard to be wor­thy of it. Thank­ful cit­i­zen. When we feel thank­ful for rights and fa­vors, we en­joy as ci­ti­zens. We will be more aware of our du­ties to­wards a coun­try, the place we are liv­ing. We will strive to make it a bet­ter place, bet­ter en­vi­ron­ment for our fu­ture gen­er­a­tions and ex­actly that is the rea­son to vote. Please vote and choose your rep­re­sen­ta­tives. For any in­quiries please email at :as­

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